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Watch or Samsung Watch

Should we buy Apple Watch or Samsung Watch?

Today, we are going to check the general comparison of two famous smart watch brands, i.e. Apple Watch and Samsung Watch. If you still need to know which of these two brands are the right ones to buy, we will deal with this issue comprehensively today. And in the end, you will find out which….

IPhone 16 Pro Max

IPhone 16 Pro Max, the giant iPhone in history is coming!

A well-known analyst has revealed the dimensions of the iPhone 16 Pro Max screen, according to which Apple’s 2024 flagship will be the most enormous iPhone ever. “Ross Young,” a display industry analyst, announced during a conversation with MacRumors that Apple intends to present iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max with screen sizes….

The best laptop

The best laptop brands in 2023

These days, it has become tough to buy a bad and low-quality laptop because all the brands are designing and producing quality products in tight competition, the purchase of each of which can provide you with various advantages and facilities. But the balance between power, performance, portability, and comfort differentiates the best laptops from the….


This Indian couple sold their 8-month-old baby to buy an iPhone 14!

A poor Indian couple sold their infant to buy an iPhone 14 and create Instagram rails. Of course, the police immediately arrested the baby’s mother and the buyer, but the baby’s father escaped from the police. The story started when the suspicious behavior of this Indian couple and the sudden disappearance of their child made….

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