Factory reset of iPhone

How to factory reset an iPhone without an Apple ID password


Factory reset of iPhones without an Apple ID password is a topic we intend to teach today, So stay with MyPhoNews until the end of this speech.

You can quickly restore your iPhone to factory settings using recovery mode on Mac or Windows PCs capable of running iTunes. However, you will need your Apple ID password to remove Activation Lock before you can use your iPhone.

Therefore, when you try to factory reset your iPhone, You’ll need your Apple ID password, and you’ll be forced to use your Apple ID password for most of the steps before doing a factory reset. Therefore, if you do not have your Apple ID password, you should look for the iPhone factory reset method without an Apple ID password. Consequently, we suggest that you accompany us until the end of this article so that we can familiarize you with how to factory reset your iPhone without an Apple ID password.

Why is an Apple ID password necessary to reset an iPhone?

Whenever we want to factory reset our iPhone through this path: Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings, we need the Apple ID password To turn off Find My or activation lock.

You may have a question: What is an activation lock, and what does it have to do with an iPhone factory reset without an Apple ID password?! In response, the activation lock is a protection used to prevent the reactivation of a stolen and stolen iPhone. By entering the Apple ID password when resetting the device, the Find My service is disabled and allows you to define a new owner for the device.Factory reset of iPhone
For this purpose, you must disable the Activation Lock. You can do this by entering your passcode, or if you don’t have one, by proving to Apple that you own the iPhone and submitting a support request to the Activation Lock service. This was one of the methods to factory reset an iPhone without an Apple ID password. Join us to get to know three other practical methods.

Forgot your Apple ID password?

Another way to factory reset an iPhone without an Apple ID password is to reset the Apple ID password before erasing it! If you own your iPhone device and it is locked on your account, Solving the Apple ID password problem will be very simple. If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, reset it through the iforgot.apple.com system. Then, set a new password for your device or use a password manager to record it securely.

Your device may also ask you to enter your new password after resetting a new password. The next time you try to reset your iPhone to turn off Find My (and Activation Lock), you can enter your new passcode. This was another way to factory reset the iPhone without the Apple ID password, which allows you to access your previous password!

Factory reset iPhone without Apple ID password using a Mac or Windows computer

Another way to factory reset your iPhone without an Apple ID password is to restore your iPhone to factory settings without a password using a Mac or Windows PC. Of course, please note that this will not remove the Activation Lock. Also, this trick will require the use of Recovery Mode. Recovery Mode is a protection that allows you to update or reset the iPhone operating system in case of any problems.

Even when you reset your iPhone using recovery mode, You cannot use it again unless you enter the Apple ID password that the iPhone is locked to. Therefore, in this case, when you restart the device, you will be invited to activate it by entering the Apple ID password.

Factory reset of iPhone

If the Activation Lock is still active, Contact the previous owner!

If you bought or were given an iPhone, its activation lock is on, And you can’t use it without the Apple ID password; you have to contact the previous owner and ask him to delete his account from the device and so-called change the ownership of the device.

For this purpose, ask the previous owner to enter iCloud.com/find with his Apple ID account and click the “All Devices” option. In the last step, select the “Remove from Account” option.


In today’s speech, we discussed the tricks of factory resetting an iPhone without an Apple ID password. We learned how to reset the device without the Apple ID password Or recover an Apple ID password. Reading this speech was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments about this topic, share them with us and other readers in the comments section. Thank you for staying with us until the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the Activation Lock in iPhone devices?

Activation Lock can prevent others from activating your iPhone when it is stolen.

What role does the Recovery Mode protector play in the iPhone?

This feature informs the user of a problem in the device’s operating system and recommends that it be updated or reset.

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