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In the days when iPhone phones perform the work of several devices for their users, taking care of the battery and keeping it healthy are two of the most critical parts of using and maintaining the phone. From iPhone 6 and iOS 11.3 onwards, Apple added a new section to the settings section of iPhone phones so that people can use it to find out the health percentage of their battery. Apple named this section Battery Health. Due to many questions, such as what is iPhone battery health, we decided to write the information necessary to understand this section in the form of an article on MyPhoNews so that after reading it with better care of your iPhone battery, you can help increase its

iPhone battery health

Ensuring the battery’s health has always been considered essential for all iPhone users. Suppose the iPhone battery does not have the necessary health. In that case, the user will face the problem of early shutdown and rapid battery draining, among the worst and most annoying issues anyone can meet with the phone. In the iPhone of the previous generations, when the user played with the phone or used it for several hours in a row, there was a bug called automatic shutdown, in which the phone turned off in an instant; after many protests, Apple decided to apologize and compensate for this problem.

What does iPhone battery health mean?

The simplest explanation that can be given to the iPhone battery health question is that the battery health of a newly unboxed phone should be 100%; that is, when you charge it for the first time, it will charge 100%, and then The utilization ratio begins to decline and is expected to continue for at least six months to a year. However, when the health of the iPhone battery is not 100%, the battery charge will run out sooner, and this process will continue. For example, check the health of your phone’s battery after a year. In that case, you will likely come across 95%, which, according to the obtained percentages, is suitable for the health of the iPhone battery.

How do we know the health of the iPhone battery?

It is now easy to find out the health of the iPhone battery using the settings in the new operating system (iOS). To learn more about iPhone and iPad battery health, you only need to follow the following simple steps.

You entered a section where you can see the health of your phone’s battery and get other information about it. Tap on the Maximum Capacity section; the percentage displayed is for the iPhone health battery.

The Peak Performance Capability section informs you whether your battery can provide energy for heavy gaming activities. If your iPhone’s battery health reaches a point where it cannot maintain its maximum performance, you will be given a warning in this section.

You may have questions: What percentage of iPhone battery health is suitable, and how much can it still work well? In the following section, we will discuss some points in this field.

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What percentage of iPhone battery health is good?

iPhone battery health decreases over time and with frequent use and doing wrong things. The more you abuse your phone, expose it to heat, and do things that damage it, the faster the battery health will degrade. In recent years, the decrease in iPhone battery health has been one of the main reasons for buying and replacing a new iPhone, which is why finding things like the cause of low iPhone battery health and taking care of iPhone battery health has become one of the most critical concerns of iPhone users. Phones have 100% health at the time of release and first use, and as we mentioned, this health decreases over time.

Decreasing health equals reducing the time the battery can provide the energy needed for the phone, which causes people to recharge their cell phones in shorter intervals. But there is a fundamental question: to what percentage is the health of the iPhone battery good? You should know that as long as the battery health of your iPhone is above 80%, its condition can be considered excellent and favorable.

It usually takes at least a year for the iPhone battery health to drop below 90% if you use the phone in a way that causes much damage to the battery. Usually, after charging the phone at least 500 times, its health level reaches about 80%, which still cannot be considered inappropriate for the phone’s health. When the iPhone battery health goes below 70%, it’s time to take the necessary steps to replace your phone’s battery.

How do you take care of the iPhone battery?

In this part of the article, we want to help you by giving valuable tips so that you can restore the health of your iPhone battery by following a series of straightforward things and doing daily activities.

1) Prevent the iPhone battery from overheating!

Apple has announced on its website that iPhone batteries can generally provide their best performance at 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. The range in which Apple mobile batteries generally feel comfortable is 0 to 35 degrees Celsius.
Regardless of whether you are using your phone while it is charging or even leaving it without any use, it would help if you kept in mind that a temperature higher than 35 degrees Celsius is dangerous for the health of your Apple phone battery.
It is better to know that using phone cases can increase the temperature of your mobile phone. When your iPhone portable battery is charging, please do not use it. Please remove it from its case so that the high temperature during charging does not disrupt its operation.

2) Do not use wireless chargers or high-speed chargers!

You may use wireless chargers when you can’t access a power cable. It would help if you tried using wireless chargers like power banks because using them generates a lot of heat and may harm your iPhone battery. Of course, if you use them when necessary, there will be no problem. Also, wireless chargers include advanced technologies, which significantly reduce its heat.

3) Adjust screen brightness

To increase the health of the iPhone battery and its durability, it is better to activate the screen’s automatic brightness using the settings section. This will automatically reduce the screen’s brightness when it is not needed. In addition to increasing battery life, this work can reduce the damage caused to people’s eyes by using the phone.

4) Do not leave Wi-Fi or Internet on

When your phone’s Wi-Fi or Internet is on, it constantly searches for suitable networks, increasing battery consumption. So, when you are not using your phone, it is better to turn off Wi-Fi and the Internet. This point is also valid for other things like Bluetooth and Airdrop; turning them on only when needed is better.

5) Reduce screen time

Another way to reduce battery drain is to reduce the time the phone’s screen stays on when unused.

Other ways to increase iPhone battery life

  • Restricting the app’s access to the location
  • Enable Low Power mode
  • Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data
  • Wi-Fi is turned off when using SIM card internet
  • Enable airplane mode in low signal areas
  • Manage apps that drain your battery
  • No daily use of wireless charging
  • Using the original charger
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Using the Optimized Battery Charging feature
  • Use the Background App Refresh feature only for apps you need to notify.
  • Calibrate the phone
  • Permanent failure of the filter breaker
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth through settings instead of Control Center
  • Charging the phone battery between 30 and 85 percent
  • Not using the phone while charging
  • Close background apps
  • Change the battery as a last resort

Why does iPhone battery health decrease quickly?

The main reason for the decrease in battery health is the use of fake chargers. In the long run, a fake adapter will damage the battery and reduce its health faster. Also, the constant activation of the filter breaker is one of the reasons for the sudden decrease in the health of the iPhone battery.

What is the Optimized Battery Charging option?

This is a precious option when you charge your phone and ignore it. This feature adapts to your charging pattern and stops charging at 80%. When you want to use your phone, the battery is fully charged, extending its life. In principle, the less time it takes to charge fully, the longer the iPhone battery stays healthy.

Optimized Battery Charging is enabled by default on your Apple phone and works automatically when needed. In most cases, there is no need to turn off this feature unless you are sure that you need to charge your phone fully in the middle of the night and don’t want the process to last until the morning.

As you have read, the health of the iPhone battery depends on many factors, all of which we have explained in this article. However, you need to know that all rechargeable batteries lose their effectiveness and quality over time, and unfortunately, the Apple phone battery is no exception to this rule. Battery life reduction is one of the primary and most common reasons for users to replace their phones. Even in more severe cases, it can be seen that the battery does not provide the ampere needed for the phone to work, and the phone suddenly turns off.

Since you stayed with us until the end of the article, you are probably trying to change the health of the iPhone battery; that’s why we would be happy if you share your experiences with us as a result of doing things that take care of the health of the iPhone battery.

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