Play and earn money

Play and earn money

With the development of the vast world of games and online games, it is possible to earn foreign currency from this big world. Any gamer who wants to can make money playing from the US to Japan and from China to Central Asia.
If you are one of those professional gamers, you know that online games are always more attractive and convenient than offline games. Of course, offline games also appeal, but generally, it is better to think about earning money and having fun. Many gamers believe they deserve a significant income by spending more than half of their day and night playing different games. Of course, we agree with them and think you can make money from gaming and have fun.

Earning money from the game is a remote job; you can make it in dollars or other currencies by sitting behind your monitor or mobile phone. Also, gaming doesn’t have the problems of remote work, and you need an employer or a manager. In other words, by playing, you have fun, earn money, and have your job. Of course, if you are not that professional and intend to step into the vast world of gaming, all you have to do is have the will and read this article to the end. In this article, we provide ways to earn money from online games.

Many American, European, and Japanese gamers and all game enthusiasts worldwide earn a significant income from modern and online games.


A revolution in earning currency from modern games

With the emergence of the famous cryptocurrency market, the attractiveness of earning money from P2E games has increased. The word P2E, which is abbreviated as Play to Earn, means games for making money, and it is designed in such a way that the gamer can earn money by playing in them.

Earning foreign currency from online games, considering the modern gaming world has become a new color, and you can completely open a particular account. This game model is specially designed for adults who want to earn money online by playing. Read this article about the best game streams.

During their childhood and adolescence, many gamers have come across the famous and repeated sayings of their parents that it is better to have a high-paying job, Not knowing what better-paying job there is than gaming; that’s when gamers have the talent to play professionally.

However, the good news for all gamers is that there has been a revolution in the field of P2E games, which increases the possibility of earning more money. Specifically, games based on the blockchain system that work with buying and selling NFTs are such games.

For example, Axie Infinity is a blockchain and NFT-based game that allows gamers to earn currency. If you are familiar with the world of NFT and making currency through it, you know that game tokens can be sold at a very high price in these games.

For example, the most expensive NFT currently sold for $2.33 million belongs to the game DappRader. Now that you are familiar with the types of modern games and the possibility of earning currency through them, it is better to go to 5 kinds of income-generating games that can entertain you and make you rich. Take advantage of this article if you like to step into online games’ profitable and fun world.


play and earn money

5 of the best games to earn money

In the following, we intend to introduce you to 5 popular online games that have become popular among gamers. Each of these real income-generating games has the potential to earn money by playing them. What are their rank and advantages, and what is the story of playing with them? These are detailed and specialized topics that we will discuss further.

Game number 1: Splinterlands

play and earn money
If you want to earn currency from the online game, we recommend Splinterlands, formerly known as Steem Monsters. This game, which is specially placed in the Hive blockchain, is designed in the style of business games, and to play with it, you have to enter the world of cryptocurrency. The process of earning foreign currency in Splinterlands game goes through beautiful and intelligent gameplay, and gamers fight with in-game monsters to receive various prizes.

Of course, this money-making game is also suitable for teenagers, and people who want to start making money online from a young age can open a particular account on it. The creators of Splinterlands game allow gamers and enthusiasts to trade with other players using game cards and to make a deal for themselves. These game cards can be used on mobile devices, computers, and smart gadgets.

Currently, it is possible to earn foreign currency in this game with more than 500 different cards, and by using its capabilities, you can improve the ability and strength of the characters in the game and fight monsters with more power. In general, seven abilities are built into each character, which can be used to fight monsters in the game. Meanwhile, the cards we talked about earlier include the following different worlds:

world of fire •
the earth •
dragon party •
The world of death •
Life •
water world •
Mercenaries faction or border of neutrality •
The game in Splinterlands, which takes place in different lands, is so attractive and calm that you can use unnatural energies to inject energy into the characters in the game. For example, besides playing cards, the game has rare potions that must be purchased from the game store. Many gamers use dark energy (Dark Energie), which is a type of digital currency, to earn money; In simpler words, the more you invest in this game, the more money you will get.

Game number 2: Chainmonsters

play and earn money

Chainmonsters game is one of those online games where you can earn currency in multiplayer or group. In the environment of this game, you and your fellow gamers can fight against terrible and evil monsters in a vast and strategic environment. The game of chained monsters is fortune-telling and watching; you can be scared, make money, and have fun.

This online game is part of today’s ultra-modern games, whose system is based on the Flow blockchain. All NFTs in this game belong to and are controlled and managed by its gamers. The developers of the Chainmonsters game chose the Flow blockchain because they believed this space is the best atmosphere for new-generation games.

Designing and delivering this game aims to create long-term partnerships and shape an online business that no gamer has ever experienced. Since January 2022, the production company of this game has provided versions of the game based on the Access token, and now you can enter its income-generating environment by paying attention to these details.

In total, there are 135 different Chianmon in the game that gamers can access throughout the game. These Chainmon are among the things that gamers enter the contest to acquire and earn currency, and they can spawn special NFTs (known as Crystal Chainmon).

Game number 3: Gods Unchained

play and earn money

Another ideal option for free and online games that lead to earning currency is Gods Unchained. Gamers also use this game due to its unique cards, and it has millions of users and players. Since 2018 the first version of this game was released, about 15 million dollars have been obtained only from investing through cards called Mystic Cards, which is a perfect statistic.

The native digital currency of this game is known as GODS, and through it, you can earn currency and bitcoin. It is interesting to know that this game is also implemented in the space based on blockchain systems, and you can enjoy making money by trading through GODS currency and converting it to fiat money.

Relying on the potential of Gods Unchained, many gamers have experienced earning bitcoins by playing online, and many others have been encouraged to play due to this mechanism. This game’s management and developer team plans to bring its mobile version to the market so that more people can enter the world of abandoned gods.

Abandoned Gods game is more like the land of abandoned dollars, where gamers can earn their dollars by reaching them. All NFTs in this game are based on the Ethereum system, allowing gamers to play through smooth and simple gameplay to acquire cards.

Game number 4: Coin Hunt World

play and earn money
The Coin Hunt World game has benefited from the combination of elements of various online games. It has been introduced to users, enthusiasts, and gamers based on the world of digital currency encryption. If you join the jirga of gamers of this game, you will notice its similarity with the Pokémon Go game at the first encounter with the gameplay and its fantasy world. When gamers encounter this game’s fantasy and attractive atmosphere, they are busy earning foreign currency by discovering new worlds.

If you also have a lot of memories of the Pokmon game and want to experience it because of your memories, it is enough to hunt for new Pokemons in the game environment and earn bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies made through Coin Hunt World are traded in various exchange apps and can be easily converted into cash.

You may have also wondered what the gameplay of this game is like; The fun starts when the application is installed on your desired device, and you have to look for the treasures and coins buried in the game. Remember, you can play other games while hunting for cash and earn bitcoins by finding new things on the side of the game; It is even possible to make currency by finding NFTs in the game environment.

More interestingly, gamers can open in-game safes by finding special keys. As soon as the vault is opened, the player will face various and sometimes meaningless questions, for which he can receive a reward if he answers them in the specified novel period. Coin Hunter is now officially available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and other iOS users can earn currency from it.

Game number 5: Sandbox game

play and earn money
Have you ever thought it possible to develop a game combining a blockchain system, DeFi network, and NFT tokens to earn currency? The fascinating Sandbox game is a modern game that allows gamers to customize the game world according to their wishes using free design tools. Using the capabilities of this game, you can create a 3D metaverse to play in its fake world.

Gamers can create NFTs and earn virtual currency with the tools and goods they have created. Tokens of this game are sold as SANDS and in The Sandbox Marketplace. The interesting point of the sandbox game is that SAND tokens can be used for all in-game transactions. All these features came about when in 2018, Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borge decided to launch a game that could create a 3D metaverse based on the blockchain system.

At first, this game was supposed to compete with the famous and popular game Minecraft; Of course, this competition benefited the creators of Sandbox, and it was downloaded more than 40 million times by users and gamers. This game is considered one of the most popular modern games and competes with Axie Infinity and Decentraland World.

In November 2021, the sandbox game received $93 million in funding from mobile developer SoftBank (a Japanese company). Also, among the project partners of this game, which provides the ability to earn foreign currency, we can mention Atari company and Snoop Dogg (a famous American artist).

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