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How do we distinguish the iPhone rip pack and refresh from the original pack?

The difference between the iPhone refresh, rip pack, and original pack is one of the fundamental questions iPhone users ask before buying Apple products. The famous Apple brand is at the top of the table, and none of the companies can compete with Apple. The Apple brand has fans worldwide, and few people do not….

Factory reset of iPhone

How to factory reset an iPhone without an Apple ID password

  Factory reset of iPhones without an Apple ID password is a topic we intend to teach today, So stay with MyPhoNews until the end of this speech. You can quickly restore your iPhone to factory settings using recovery mode on Mac or Windows PCs capable of running iTunes. However, you will need your Apple….

Speed up your iPhone

Speed up your iPhone by removing these apps

An Apple expert has revealed how to remove hidden apps that can slow down your iPhone. If your iPhone has been slow lately, uninstalling some hidden apps lurking on your device might be the solution and speed up your iPhone. When apps run in the background on your iPhone, it can slow down the device’s….

screen distance

How to enable the screen distance feature in IOS 17, for eye care

This article will teach you how to activate the Screen Distance feature in iOS 17 and protect your eyes. With the release of iOS 17, Apple introduced a new feature to reduce eye strain. In this article, we will teach you how to enable it. Over the years, Apple has introduced several useful iOS tools,….

Buying a laptop

Do not buy a laptop without understanding these important points

No matter what job you have or what university you study, you will eventually need a laptop to do various things. Many manufacturing companies operate in the field of producing laptops. They are trying to make multiple models for different needs so that every user can buy a computer that suits their requirements. In this….

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