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During the WWDC 2023 event, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset, which “seamlessly” combines the real and digital worlds, bringing a revolution in entertainment and technology. With Vision Pro, you can see, feel, and hear your surroundings with digital and virtual elements so that you believe they exist in your world.
Unlike old headsets such as (Virtual Reality) VR and (Augmented Reality) AR that limit you in any way, Vision Pro is designed to experience both without restrictions and quickly move between these two environments. That’s why this headset is also called MR or mixed reality.

Apple, which has always been looking for the advancement of technology, decided to launch Vision Pro after Meta entered the virtual reality and augmented reality field and the great acceptance of the people, which caused this market to heat up.
Of course, it should be noted that Apple has been active in augmented reality (AR) for years. Still, the Vision Pro headset is a massive step for Apple because Apple offers you almost all of its products in one product, and you don’t need any other product to buy it. For example, instead of buying a TV, you can watch any content you want in different sizes and with the best quality and 3D sound in your headset. Also, this headset allows watching 3D movies with two high-quality screens. Compared to previous 3D TVs that could have had a better user experience, Vision Pro can display 3D movies more attractively. Also, when watching movies and series, there is no need to stare at a specific point; the user can move and have more freedom while watching. Plus, you can manage your movies comfortably while lying on the bed.
This Apple headset will change many industries and may cause some big industries to fade.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said about the fantastic product of the Cupertino, which looks a lot like ski goggles: “This headset, which starts the post-iPhone era, not only attracts attention in terms of hardware but also has a lot to say in terms of software. ; Apple’s mixed reality headset is a premium device that combines glass, aluminum, and carbon fiber. This device is used to communicate, watch videos, play games, and increase productivity.

Apple emphasizes that the Vision Pro headset is independent and should not be considered an accessory. In the videos published by Apple, the Vision Pro headset is not shown next to the iPhone and iPad. This is even though, for example, the Apple Watch is not a stand-alone gadget, and you practically need an iPhone to use all its features. On the other hand, the Vision Pro headset does not need to be connected to a computer or console.

Depending on your preferences or specific tasks, you can use your hands, fingers, eyes, and voice for superficial and everyday tasks, and you can make calls, access various apps, watch your favorite movies, and do your favorite tasks. Could you do it?
Gamers can have an exciting experience with a large screen in front of them. Although not many games are currently developed for Apple’s proprietary chips and virtual reality headsets still have limitations, considering Apple’s substantial investment in this project, game studios will likely soon offer their famous titles for the Vision Pro headset.
With the growth and development of games for Mac systems and the capabilities of Vision Pro, Apple can be recognized as an essential platform in the field of gaming and cover the weak points of Mac systems.

Apple Vision Pro headset review

With Apple Vision Pro, you can choose between apps using your eye movements because the device knows where you’re looking. Your eyes act like a mouse pointer. This technology has attracted the attention of many people and surprised them. The programs are placed in front of you in 3D, and you can see their depth. For example, Vision Pro syncs with your laptop and displays screens around your computer that you can easily interact with or video chat with your family or friends.

When you put Apple Vision Pro on your head, unlike other headsets, like prescription glasses, others can see your eyes; this image represents your eyes recorded by the cameras inside the headset and lets people know where you are from. You are aware of their presence. But when you experience programs in full screen so that you can no longer see people, the outside of the headset will be covered with an OLED screen with different colors.

In the rest of this article, we will discuss all hardware features such as screen, processors, cameras, sound system, design, etc., and software features such as operating system, user interface, content inside the box, etc. So stay tuned to MyPhoNews.

Powerful Vision Pro hardware

One of the most essential points that makes Vision Pro a revolutionary technology today is its potent hardware. Vision Pro’s unique hardware includes a screen, sensors, a powerful processor, and a high-quality audio system. The remarkable engineering of Vision Pro hardware has created new standards in this area. All the members of Vision Pro hardware with integrated performance have made one of the most significant engineering achievements in the hardware area.

Vision Pro design

Apple is one of the manufacturers of digital devices that has consistently shown attractive and high-quality performance in the design and structure of its products. In the past, we saw the beautiful appearance of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and almost all Apple products; now, Apple Vision Pro also has a beautiful design and is in compliance with valid standards and ergonomics as one of the best headsets in the market in terms of design. It counts and is also easily placed on the face.
The size of Vision Pro is adjustable, and you can adjust the size according to your head by the big circle on the right.
There are two ways to use the Apple Vision Pro: one is to use the existing strap, and the other is to use the Dual Loop strap. The Vision Pro strap is a better option for ease of removing and putting on the product and has a more excellent appearance. Still, it causes the entire weight of the Vision Pro to be placed on the face and under the eyes, making you very tired after 30 or 40 minutes.

The Dual Loop strap is a bit more challenging to use Because you can’t easily adjust it through the rotating circle on the side like a drawstring, but it is much better in terms of comfort. If you use the Dual Loop strap, the pressure of the Vision Pro and its weight will be distributed on the head, and there will be no more pressure. So, for short use, go for the strap and get help from the double strap for more prolonged use. Apple Vision Pro weighs between 590 and 630 grams, depending on your setup, which is a bit more than the competitors in the market, but not in such a way that this weight is felt more, and many competitors also weigh around 500 grams.

The high-quality material used in this product is another of its advantages. The use of high-quality material in the device has increased the device’s lifespan and provided a better user experience. The material in the body of the headset is aluminum, which can have good resistance. Airports cause airflow in the front part of the headset and the back strap. The airflow makes you feel more comfortable using it for a long time and causes less damage to your skin.

Another surprising and interesting design point of Vision Pro is its front screen. In the front part of Vision Pro is a glass screen with a protruding state that changes depending on the content being played, and the Eyesight mode allows other people to make eye contact with you by making this glass transparent. If you watch content while using the Vision Pro, the front screen will cover your eyes like other headsets. But if you intend to interact with the surrounding environment while using the Vision Pro, the screen in front of you will display your eyes like a pair of glasses. For this reason, eye contact is also maintained.

In the front part of this mixed reality headset, cushions are placed to prevent light from entering your eyes, and you can watch the desired content without any problems or disturbances. If you usually wear glasses, there is no need to worry; you can order and buy suitable eyeglasses. This glass is placed on the Vision Pro’s main display, allowing you to receive the content.

Display: Apple engineering masterpiece!

Apple’s Vision Pro headset has two Micro OLED displays with 4K resolution. These screens have 23 million pixels, so even the most minor details can be displayed with high resolution.
iPhone 14 Pro Max screen has 3 million 600 pixels!! This shows that due to the high resolution of the headset screens, users experience excellent image quality. The first thing that catches your eye when you use Vision Pro is the superior quality of the screens in front of you.
In addition to the wide range of details, Vision Pro has a high refresh rate. The refresh rate of the Vision Pro screen is 90Hz. The refresh rate is significant because it is very effective in the content-viewing experience.

You may have the question that by using this headset, you no longer have access to the real world, and you may have to remove the headset from your eyes to communicate with people or even walk, but I must tell you that, fortunately, there is no such problem at all. Does not have. Thanks to the cameras intended for this product, you can see the natural environment with high resolution and very low delay if needed.

When you use the Transparency mode, the camera records the existing content and transfers it to the processor in a fraction of a second to be in front of you. The delay of Transparency mode is so low that, for example, you can play ping pong with your friend while using Vision Pro and quickly respond to hits in time. By doing this, the Cupertinos have shown that they are genuinely unrivaled in engineering, and only some companies can compete with them.

With the help of the rotating circle on the Apple Vision Pro, you can specify how much you want to be in the surrounding environment or immerse yourself in this product. For example, when you fly to Hawaii, you can select that the entire environment will disappear and watch a movie in the middle of pure nature.
This unique display allows you to watch movies or content in high-quality and large format. You can easily specify the size of the content being played and place it near you or move it to a far point. You can watch the movie in the home environment or change the surrounding content to your desired image. What’s more exciting than watching a Star Wars movie in a space environment?

It is interesting to know that some movies are available in 3D for Vision Pro, and you can experience an incredible feeling. In general, the quality of the Apple Vision Pro display is considered one of its main strengths, and watching anything in this mixed-reality headset is a double pleasure.

The power of the camera and lenses used in this headset

The progress that Apple has made in the field of photography and videography is fantastic. This headset allows you to see photos as you see them in reality and feel like you’re there, looking at old memories in a third person or traveling to new places. In addition, Apple Vision Pro has a unique 3D camera that captures videos and photos profoundly, so you can relive the moments as if you were there.
These headsets know where your hands are, and you don’t need to raise and hold your hands to drag the screen down or up, thanks to the advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the placement of cameras with a vast viewing angle. That means you can grab the screen and move it in x, y, or z space just by resting your hands.

Speakers and microphones

In making the Vision Pro headset, Apple has used attractive and powerful speakers that benefit from the spatial audio system. These speakers are placed near your two ears to provide the best audio experience, and when watching different content, the 3D sound will be played for you. This product can create a 3D map of the space around you and play the sound so that you feel it has three dimensions.
In addition to the powerful speakers, six microphones are also used in the design and construction of this headset so that the control of the headset with sound can be done more accurately and everyday activities such as calls are also possible.

Vision Pro headset operating system
The Vision Pro mixed reality headset has an entirely new and different operating system. This headset does not support iOS, iPadOS, or MacOS and uses a unique operating system called VisionOS. This operating system provides a 3D user interface and has a new app store allowing users to access headset-specific apps.

It is possible to access iPhone and iPad software compatible with the Vision Pro headset in the App Store of this operating system. For example, by purchasing Apple Music or other Apple subscriptions, the relevant software will also be available in the Vision Pro operating system so that you can use the purchased services easily.

Battery or power bank?

Due to the design of the Vision Pro and its relatively heavy weight, Apple has yet to manage to put the battery in the heart of this product, and you will receive the battery separately, similar to a power bank. This battery is connected to the side of Vision Pro through a particular port, and you need to use the adapter in the box to charge the battery itself. The battery itself weighs more than 300 grams, which means that the total weight of the Vision Pro package reaches about 1 kilogram.
Apart from discussing that the battery is not included in the Dell Vision Pro, we need to see more attractive charging from the Cupertino headsets. This product can last up to 2 hours of regular use or 2.5 hours of content viewing. If you plan to work with this gadget for 6 hours daily, connect it to the charger thrice. The Vision Pro battery is one of the parts that can be improved in the next generation.

Hardware and software, Spinning hands in the air!

Apple has used its two M2 and R1 chips at the heart of this product. The M2 chip performs general processing, and the R1 tries to process the data received from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones with the lowest delay. This makes the product’s latency just 12 milliseconds, about eight times faster than the human eye blinks.

After using Apple Vision Pro, a main screen will be placed in front of you as a home screen, and you can choose different programs and options with your eyes or move between programs with the help of existing hand gestures. For example, you can look at the search bar at the top of the screen and then search for a concept by speaking. With Apple’s Vision Pro, you can have multiple programs open simultaneously and resize them. You will also be able to place these programs anywhere in the environment as you wish and have complete control over them.
It may be hard to believe, but you can even put some programs behind you and work with them if needed by returning to the other side. Vision Pro knows which program you are looking at with your hand and eye movements.

One of the most attractive features of Vision Pro is that it communicates perfectly with iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other Apple products. In Apple’s mixed reality headset, there is a feature that by looking at your MacBook screen, you can easily float its content in the room, and instead of the laptop screen, which is finally 16 inches, you can view the content on a 50-inch or even larger screen. It is interesting to know that whatever you do with this screen is applied to the laptop instantly, and the communication level of Apple products is admirable.
The strange software features of VisionOS continue to the point where, for example, you can place the virtual chessboard on the actual table of your house, move the pieces by removing them, and practically advance the game with the chessboard that does not exist. It is not unreasonable to say that action-fiction films are becoming a reality.

When using Vision Pro, you will be considered an extraordinary person in the eyes of others who are waving your hand in the air and sometimes shaking your head around. But in reality, you are working with different programs and intend to move or control them with hand gestures.

Another feature that can surprise any application is Persona, a feature in the beta phase that will be completed in the future. Thanks to Persona, Apple Vision Pro scans your face and creates a 3D model. Next, when you are on FaceTime, your 3D face will be displayed, and you can also get an experience close to reality during a video call. During a video call, people are placed in the room, and you receive each person’s voice from the side where the image is placed. More importantly, the Corporation’s headset accurately transmits your movements and facial changes, such as eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. This is achieved in the Vision Pro headset thanks to many cameras and sensors, considered new and innovative technologies.

The Apple headset is equipped with a unique technology called Optic ID, which helps you use the device by scanning the eye’s iris; Optic ID is like the iPhone’s Face ID.

One of the prominent features of Apple Vision Pro is its Augmented Reality feature. This device can use advanced sensors and machine learning algorithms to identify objects and people in the user’s environment and show relevant information on the screen. For example, suppose you’re walking down the street and pass a restaurant. In that case, Vision Pro can display the menu and people’s opinions about the restaurant directly on the lenses, helping the user decide whether to enter the restaurant or not.

One of the methods used to interact with the headset is its handy voice commands. Support for voice commands has made it easier to interact with the headset. You can use Vision Pro without restrictions with voice commands.
Coordinating sensors, processors, and software has made you not even need a keyboard to type! With mixed reality, Vision Pro displays the keyboard to you virtually, and sensors detect your finger movements and transmit data to the processor. Finally, you can quickly type your texts using the headset.

Content inside the Vision Pro box

Before reviewing Vision Pro, it is better to look at the contents inside the box of this mixed reality product so that you know strictly what accessories you will receive after purchase.

Vision Pro
Two headbands (one in the form of a pull and to be placed on the back of the head and the other in the form of two bands to be placed on the back and above the head)
An extra face cushion (for users who wear prescription lenses)
Battery with cable
A cushion to cover the windshield
30-watt Type-C adapter
Type-C cable
A special cloth for the Vision Pro (Apple says you should only clean the product with this cloth).

Buy Vision Pro

Apple launched its Vision Pro headset on February 2 in the US market. Of course, its pre-sale started on January 19.
The Vision Pro starts at $3,499 with 256GB of storage, adding optional extras to $4,795.95, $1,296.95 more than the device’s $3,499 base price.

Apple Vision Pro headset with gold coating

If you thought Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset was expensive, you’d be surprised to know that there’s a gold-plated version of the Vision Pro that costs ten times as much.
The well-known company Caviar is used to offering expensive and gold-plated versions of several Apple products, and this has also happened with Apple’s new augmented reality headsets. In such a way that this company has released the version of Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition with 18-karat gold coating, which you can get for $46,000.

According to the company, this custom-designed Vision Pro takes inspiration from trendy accessories like Tom Ford sunglasses and Gucci ski masks to make the Apple Vision Pro the perfect combination of technology and style.

The design of this headset has more than 1.5 kg of 18-carat gold, and its head base is made of high-quality and well-known Connolly leather.

Caviar also gives a sneak peek at Vision Pro’s Eyesight feature, which shows the user’s eyes from the outside, so there’s a gold-plated clip on the headset’s header where users can choose when to show their eyes.

Like other Caviar products, the Vision Pro CVR version will be rare, and only 24 units will be available. Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition will be available to order around fall 2024.


Vision Pro is considered the most important legacy of Tim Cook’s leadership and the beginning of Apple’s entry into the virtual and augmented reality devices market. Apple Vision Pro is an advanced technology that uses machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies to create high-quality 3D images. This technology is used in face recognition, object recognition, image analysis, augmented reality, and filmmaking.

The most important thing about Apple’s Vision Pro is that it clearly shows the future and reminds us what life will be like ten years from now. Apple Vision Pro is the revolutionary product that the world of technology needed to throw itself forward again, and once again, Apple has become the pioneer of these fundamental changes.
Apple Vision Pro can be used in various industries, such as security, advertising, e-commerce, and video games. If you are using Apple’s ecosystem and want to experience the latest technologies, go to Apple Vision Pro and explore the future.

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