The most critical points in buying AirPods

The most critical points in buying AirPods

When buying Airpods, be careful that Airpods with a lower price are likely of lower quality. So it is suggested to avoid buying these products. Higher-priced products are made with higher-quality parts. For example, a significant feature of this type of product is the ability to block noise. If you pay attention, products with a lower price do not have this feature.


AirPods battery life
A significant point in buying is paying attention to the battery life with each charge. Consider that, despite keeping the cost for 3 to 5 hours, about 20% cannot be used. The box of these products can charge AirPods after being arrested. These boxes can charge AirPods three or four times. On some of these AirPods, instead of setting time for single use, they write the total hours they can hold and the number of times they are charged with their box.

Controllable buttons on AirPods
Buttons with the ability to control the volume, reject the music, answer the phone call, and cut it off are installed on some of their models. You have to consider whether you need them or not because having this feature increases their price.

Charger and holder box
The charger bag should have a strong body and battery. It is essential that the box is vital and should not be fragile because it should protect the AirPods well.

Be sure to check the minimum and maximum volume of these headphones. The quality of sounds is different. Sometimes, one Airpod with a book of 50% equals the importance of another Airpod with a volume of 100%.

AirPods series
It’s essential to ensure that the ear tips that come with your preferred headphones come in various sizes, fit properly in your ears, and are of the gel type. If your earcups are too small or too shallow, they won’t seal well with your ears, and you’ll never get good sound, and it’ll also make you not enjoy the music because of the extra noise. The lack of a good gel head is the main reason for not using Apple AirPods.

Some wireless earbuds also have a small fin that helps keep the headphones in place. Fit and comfort are essential as headphones that won’t fall out when standing or running.

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