The reason for the phone being slow and how to fix it

What is the reason for the slowness of the phone? Why does the phone slow down? These are the questions that phone users usually ask when the phone speed slows down. Mobile slowing down is a problem that, after some time, affects all smartphones, both Android and IOS. After some time, many of you have noticed that the speed of your mobile applications and performance has decreased compared to the first days, and you are looking for a solution to solve the problem of reducing the speed of your phone. Usually, there is no difference in the reason for the slow working of Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, etc., and the reasons for this problem are the same in all phones.

If you also have the problem of your phone’s speed decreasing, take advantage of this article because we have told you the main reasons for the slowness of your mobile phone and their solutions.

Investigating the causes of mobile slow-down

Software agents:

Even if you have one of the latest and greatest mobile phones, your device may run slower than expected. This issue can have various reasons. Most of these reasons are rooted in software problems and can be easily fixed. For example, sometimes, the software and programs we install ourselves cause issues. These problems affect the overall performance of the phone and slow it down. In the following, we will examine these reasons in detail.

Hardware and software problems cause the mobile to slow down and reduce performance. Some issues are easily solved and do not need to be repaired.

Updating the operating system and programs

Before doing anything else, check whether you are using the latest operating system version, Android or iOS.

Another thing that can cause the phone to slow down and significantly affect its speed is the Android or iOS operating system update and its applications. In some cases, the default programs are installed on the operating system to fix possible bugs that are updated with user permission or suddenly. The updating of the programs leads to the disruption of the processing process and the reduction of the system speed. Also, the new version of the programs, due to having more features, causes more pressure on the hardware parts of the device.

Also, the older the phone model, the more likely it is to have problems and slow down with system and program updates. Ancient phones may need to be compatible with newer apps and games. Of course, upgrading the applications may become heavier because many specifications are added. But most of them are designed so that they do not occupy a large part of the RAM.

Solution: First, go to the device settings section and enter the About device section. In this section, by touching the software update option, enter the device update settings page and remove the Auto update check box.

Memory full or corrupted

In many cases, the reason for the phone’s slowness comes from the exhaustion or filling of the free space of the internal memory of the device.

The large volume of messages, photos, videos, music, and applications and the running of various programs slow down the mobile phone. Also, running each application saves some executable files on the memory. With time, this causes the formation of a significant amount of memory space called cache, as a result of which the speed of storing information on it and, consequently, recalling information from memory decreases and takes more time.

When the phone’s memory is complete, you will receive a warning message to quickly clear the memory of unnecessary and redundant programs and files. But it is better to act before receiving this warning! And occasionally, remove your phone’s memory and delete extra files or move them to a hard drive.

Apart from that, the phone’s memory has a valuable life like other parts and then loses its power over time. For example, the general life of many internal memories is between 5 and 10 years; usually, two to three years is a good answer. They will be.

This physical problem can only be solved by replacing the part (try installing a custom ROM).

Solution: When the memory is complete, the Android operating system often warns the user by displaying a message. Based on this, cleaning and deleting many unusable videos and installing programs effectively solve this problem. Also, to avoid this problem, checking the phone’s memory at different intervals helps greatly. If your phone’s memory is full and deleting files no longer has a noticeable effect on increasing speed, it is better to factory reset it. Note that in this case, the contents of the memory will be erased. However, this may solve the problem.

  In addition, storing files such as photos, videos, and songs on the MicroSD card instead of the internal memory is better because using this memory card on the phone is straightforward. Finally, it is recommended that you use cloud storage services.

The presence of active applications in the background or without use

We all install various applications on our phones for a long time and must remember to delete them. Unaware that many of these programs need to be updated and connected to the Internet to update their information and use the resources available in the background.

Phones have limited resources for processing, such as memory, processor, and even RAM, which respond to applications’ requests for information processing based on priority. The programs and widgets in the phone’s background and the rarely used programs cause many processor and RAM resources to be consumed. The more programs are installed on the phone, the faster the operating system decreases and slows down the mobile phone. Also, if many programs are running in the background, the number of these requests increases, thus slowing down the phone.

Solution: The first and easiest way to increase the phone’s speed is to delete unused applications.

To close these unused programs and prevent the mobile from slowing down, go to the settings section, and in the About phone section, tap on the build number option seven times to enter the Developer Options mode. Be activated. After entering the Developer Options menu, tap the Running Services tab to see the apps that are consuming phone resources and disable them.

Remove all unnecessary widgets.

Widgets on the lock screen slow down processors. Therefore, removing unnecessary widgets you have yet to use even once is better. Deleted widgets can be restored from the settings section.

Viruses and malicious software

Infecting the phone’s system with viruses or malware and malfunctioning also slows the phone’s speed. Sometimes, this problem becomes so acute that the phone hangs. Therefore, install a good antivirus to prevent your mobile from slowing down and protect your phone’s operating system.

Install apps only from trusted sources.

Malware installation and the phone becoming viral can be the reason for slowing down the Android phone’s speed. But how do we know if the phone is infected? Malware endangers your security and privacy. In addition, it does things on your mobile that are unavailable to you. This problem can increase your phone’s Internet and battery consumption and, on the other hand, reduce the speed of mobile performance. To prevent this from happening and increase the speed of your Android phone, never download and install any program from unknown and unreliable sources. If you have such an app on your mobile, delete it immediately.

Clear cache

Cache memory means smaller and faster memory than RAM. This memory always keeps some of the information in the RAM so the processor can access that information sooner. Cache memory can be good for your phone, but increasing its volume will slow down your Android phone. As a result, to solve the problem of Android phones slowing down, it is necessary to clear the cache from time to time. Don’t worry; clearing the cache doesn’t delete essential data from your phone. In addition to the processor cache, each program has a separate cache. To remove the app cache, go to the Apps section in the Settings section and delete it by finding the Cache in Storage.

Remove attractive but troublesome backgrounds.

Try not to use stimulating backgrounds for your mobile. Because in addition to slowing down the phone, it drains the battery faster. Also, don’t set an animation to move between home pages and… These animations are fascinating. But it is not worth the heat, battery damage, and slow down of your phone.

Download programs to increase speed

Many things mentioned above, such as clearing the cache memory, preventing the automatic download of the program, updating the operating system, and many other things, cannot be done manually and may take a lot of time from users. But do not worry! The digital age has a new surprise for us every day. Now, some programs do these things automatically and with just one click, increasing the phone’s speed several times.

Although these programs have been released under different titles, they help users a lot, do not occupy much space on the phone, appear like a broom when needed, and only clean the dust, which is the additional program!

Hardware agents and parts

In many cases, hardware problems are the reason for the phone’s slowness. You know that the longer the life of a part is, the older it becomes like a human being, and its efficiency decreases. The same is true for the phone. Now, we will discuss some of these factors.

CPU performanc

CPUs are sensitive to temperature, so if the phone gets hot due to an old battery, the phone’s charge management feature slows down the phone’s processor. In any case, old batteries affect the performance of parts such as RAM, processor, and internal memory because they cannot provide the same voltage as before.

In the worst possible case, a weak battery can lead to constant reboots or resets of the phone. An experience that may have happened to you many times is the cause of your phone slowing down.

Solution: In this case, the only available solution is to replace the old battery with a new one. But as you know, unfortunately, because the batteries of many smartphones today are non-replaceable, they are challenging to repair or replace. They are costly and may not be affordable for an old phone.

Reduced battery life or battery failure

Batteries age as well as RAM. After several years of using a battery, its capacity may decrease, and it may not be able to hold a charge for a smart mobile device. The battery can also be considered a reason for the phone to work slowly.

  Phone batteries face a reduction in capacity after two or maybe three years of use, and in many cases, they cannot even hold a charge for a full day and supply voltage to the components.

  Aged batteries waste the charge they receive and turn it into heat. This is why old phones get hot when connected to the charger; this heat also affects the processor and causes the phone to slow down and reduce its performance.

Touch LCD original

Your mobile touch and LCD may be damaged for various reasons, including impact, breaking, or water damage. In such a situation, if you get a fake sample, in addition to the low quality of the image, the touch screen will work at a deficient speed. Therefore, you must prepare the original sample.

Simple solutions to fix slow mobile phones:

Disable automatic synchronization

The automatic synchronization of the phone can lead to a decrease in its speed, which can be improved by turning off this option in the device settings.

Turn off Bluetooth

Turning off the device’s Bluetooth makes the system perform better and faster. It is recommended to turn it off if you do not need this feature.

Using high-speed SD cards

SD cards have different speeds and qualities; putting them in a mobile phone can affect their speed. It is better to use SD cards with higher speeds to increase your system’s speed.

Restart the mobile phone.

Sometimes, a software problem in the phone may slow it down. If you restart the phone, it will be possible to solve this problem. Hold the power button for a few seconds to restart the phone, then press restart.

Delete the hidden data from the phone.

If your mobile phone is slow, you can delete the data in the device’s cache. Also, there may be temporary files on the mobile phone, and deleting them can help increase the speed of the mobile phone.


One of your most frequent questions in this article is why the phone works slowly. We paid. This problem may happen to any phone from any manufacturing company, and it is not specific to a specific brand or a specific model and depends more on how you use the phone.
The more you follow the standards of using the phone, the longer it will last. Share your thoughts and experiences with MyPhoNews.


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