the best AI chatbots

the best AI chatbots

While artificial intelligence technology has become a hot topic among technology-oriented companies, we are beginning a new era in which artificial intelligence will revolutionize how we work, live, and interact with the world around us. Various news about introducing new AI tools is constantly coming to our ears, and the question arises: which are the best artificial intelligence chatbots?

AI chatbots have become incredibly popular since late 2022. These chatbots are very useful tools that provide human-like responses based on your inputs and can be used in various fields such as medical care, financial markets, education, entertainment, etc. Currently, there are many AI chatbots, and we want to introduce you to the best AI chatbots in this article.


ChatGPT, the solution to all problems

The ChatGPT chatbot shocked the core of the tech world after its introduction in October 2022. This AI tool has most of the features a good chatbot should have.

This AI chatbot is free; you can use all its basic features without paying. You can get answers on most topics from ChatGPT and converse with it just like a human. In addition, you can also use this artificial intelligence tool to write text and write articles, stories, plays, codes, poems, and other texts with it.

Since ChatGPT’s posts are not focused on a specific topic and refuse to answer inappropriate questions, it is also considered the best AI tool for students.

Now ChatGPT version 3.5 is free, and you can use its newest version, GPT-4, by paying a fee and buying a ChatGPT Plus account. With GPT-4, you can write text with a maximum length of 25,000 words. Faster performance in creating text than GPT 3.5 and the ability to use images as input are other features of the latest version of ChatGPT.


Microsoft New Bing

After ChatGPT became news, Microsoft also quickly started investing in AI chatbots and introduced and released its artificial intelligence chatbot named New Bing, based on GPT-4, in February 2023. The release of this artificial intelligence tool is the company’s attempt to strengthen its search engine, which is still in the shadow of Google. With the help of this AI tool, the Bing search engine can search for information on the entire web and provide the desired answer when users search for topics.

Microsoft’s AI tool has also entered the Edge browser, and Microsoft has provided it in its Browser in the form of an artificial intelligence assistant called Edge Copilot. To use it, click on the blue Bing logo on the upper right side of the Browser.

Bing’s functionality is also quite similar to ChatGPT, which is unsurprising. With the help of this chatbot, you can get an answer or write a text about the topic you want.

Bing and ChatGPT responses are similar, But they also have differences with each other. For example, Microsoft’s AI chatbot responses focus on encouraging users to search for a topic in Microsoft’s Bing search engine, often starting with the phrase “…Would you like to look up.”


Jasper Al

Jasper can be an assistant for copywriting (writing text for advertising or other marketing purposes). You can use this artificial intelligence chatbot to create all kinds of content for your business, including blog posts, ideas for text writing, or creating posts for social networks. In addition to writing text, Jasper can create images; with this tool, you can create photos for the article after writing it. Undoubtedly, this AI chatbot is a versatile business AI tool.


Ask AI

Ask AI is also an application with a simple and convenient user interface. After opening the application, you will see the text search field. In addition, there are several other functions that you can use (such as writing an email to the boss, teaching Spanish, determining travel plans, and solving math equations). After selecting one of these features, the text search field will appear with an automatic random suggestion, and above that, you will see your recent text conversations with the chatbot.

Ask AI is slower than other chatbots on this list, But you can type your desired topic in it just like ChatGPT. You have to wait for an answer from this AI Chatbot, So if you think the chatbot’s response is taking too long, you can put the phone down for a few seconds.

The free features of this application are limited, and if you want to use it for free, you can only use it three times a day. If you want to use the app’s paid plan, you can pay the fee weekly or pay $39.99 for nothing.


Google Bard Artificial Intelligence

Google Bard is different from other items on the list Because it is one of the few chats based on ChatGPT, So we can expect its responses to be very different from ChatGPT answers. Of course, the Google AI chats also resemble ChatGPT, giving you answers to human answers. You can use Google Bard, like ChatGPT, for text search, conversation, information search, and text writing.

Bard has advantages over ChatGpt, now one of the most powerful AI systems. For example, the main difference between Google Bard and ChatGPT is the dependence on the Google search engine. At any time in Google’s Artificial Intelligence Chat, you also see the Google IT button that displays the Google search page with the search theme. Google wants to keep users on their search page.

As well as, the answers that Bard offers are completely up-to-date, But the answers provided by ChatGPT are based on the information recorded in year 2. But in contrast, the ChatGpt algorithm recognizes the literary theft that Bard is deprived of.


My Snapchat AI

Snapchat has implemented ChatGPT in its social network application, resulting in My AI. Snapchat has made it possible to use My AI in the form of a conversation with a chatbot.

Snapchat wants My AI to be more of a human companion than a source of information, But you can count on it to write plays, stories, poems, and all suitable subjects, Of course, in the form of a conversation-oriented chatbot.

Your chat with My AI will be pinned to the top of the Snapchat app, and you can talk to it like a human. My AI also performs well in producing all kinds of content, and its ability in this field is close to ChatGPT. Of course, ChatGPT cannot maintain the process of talking with a human.


Blenderbot 3

You haven’t heard the name of Blenderbot, but this chatbot was introduced and released before ChatGPT was released to the public. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, introduced Blenderbot before ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard in August 2022, But this Chatbot should have become more popular. Blenderbot 3 has many features, but its capabilities are different from ChatGPT.

This chatbot is mainly good for things like chatting (in fact, it’s only good for that), and you can’t use it for writing stories or anything like that. Meta AI chatbot handles the searched topic well, and you won’t have any problem with it. Chat

Bing and Bard are more efficient than Bing and Google search engines and are designed to encourage users to use these two search engines. But Chat is a search engine that can talk to humans and be used through a tab. You must write your desired topic like ChatGPT to use this artificial intelligence chatbot. Chat is built inside a search engine, and after it answers your search, you’ll also see related search results on the right side of the page. You don’t need to click a dedicated button to access the search results; they will automatically appear on the right side of the screen. Such a method is an excellent solution for implementing artificial intelligence tools in the search engine.


Einstein GPT

Einstein GPT, a product of Salesforce, was not designed to talk about routines or write short stories but was created with a focus on the business use of artificial intelligence. Einstein GPT is a productive artificial intelligence tool focusing on customer relations management (CRM). This chatbot is suitable for companies that are constantly in contact with customers.

Einstein GPT is built on top of ChatGPT, and you can use it just like the OpenAI chatbot. This chatbot can respond to customers because it is designed to provide customer relationship management services. In addition, this artificial intelligence tool can create a Lead Page (the site’s main page to welcome the user, introduce the product, etc.) and has many other capabilities.



Nova brings the power of generative artificial intelligence to the phone. This artificial intelligence chatbot is an application with most features of ChatGPT; Nova is slower than Bing and Bard, but it’s not too slow either.

The user interface of this artificial intelligence chatbot is simple and user-friendly and has interesting features. When you start using this app, a list of your past conversations will be saved, and you can access them again later. In addition, a dedicated page for effective ideas that you can try is also seen in the application. With the help of these ideas, you can explore some of the app’s potential.

Nova is not completely free to use, and after using it a few times, you have to pay for its paid service. After installing this application, you can search for the topics you want several times with a few limited credits that are given to you for free. One credit is consumed for each search, and after all the credits are exhausted, you have to pay to use the premium service to continue using the application.



Bing and Google Bard are direct alternatives to GPT chat, but Perplexity’s AI does something completely different.

Granted, this is also a chatbot, but it has an extra interesting social element. You can ask this chatbot any question and discover popular searches and “threads” that give you a good idea of what’s happening worldwide.

Perplexity uses GPT-3, so while it’s not as precise or powerful as GPT-Chat, it has a large legal model language.

The chatbot is also equipped with suggested follow-up questions for deeper exploration and links to resources to validate its answers. Its free iOS version is a great alternative to JPT Chat.


Jenni Al writes articles for you

Sometimes, we need hours to choose the right sentences to write an article, story, or scientific text. Jenni Al is one of the best AI tools that only asks us to choose a topic and start writing accordingly.

If Jenni’s AI writing is unacceptable, we can ask it to deliver another writing by pressing a few buttons. When you want to write about a topic but need to know how to start, Jenni Al’s AI can help.

Applying Jenni Al’s artificial intelligence applies to more than just satisfying our curiosity about this technology. Still, it is used to speed up writing articles dissertations, responding appropriately to emails, writing motivational texts, writing stories and speech texts, etc.

Anyone can try Jenni Al’s writing tool for free, but the first time, it generates a text of up to 500 words for free, and after that, there is a daily limit of 200 words.


DoNotPay, an artificial intelligence lawyer

While none of the lawyers can serve their clients 24/7, DoNotPay’s artificial intelligence is limited in responding to its users and can help us like lawyers in this field. This tool can make it much easier to appeal a parking fine or get compensation from an airline for a flight delay.

Due to the difference in the laws of different countries, the artificial intelligence lawyer for each country should be trained differently; DoNotPay tool is currently providing its services in the United States and England.

The AI attorney can be accessed through the website and the DoNotPay app for Android and iPhone.


Making pictures from text with DALL·E 2

Artificial intelligence DALL•E 2 can create an image for us using the text we provide or even draw by imitating the style of world-famous artists. We can use this tool to create advertising images, custom images for websites and social networks, augmented reality images, and even scientific and educational images.

Creating new images in image editing software or even on paper is a time-consuming process for skilled people. Still, artificial intelligence can create a new image several times faster than humans.

DALL•E 2 is one of the AI tools and platforms that focuses on creating images. Since this tool is also available from the OpenAI website, we can claim that OpenAI has concentrated all AI tools on one website. DALL·E 2 artificial intelligence is freely available to those using this technology. And for this, we only need one user account on the OpenAI platform.

Artificial intelligence can create images that don’t look real or have errors that are not visible in human creations. Of course, we can correct artificial intelligence mistakes with the help of image editing software, and we should note that image correction is a simpler process than drawing the entire image.

DALL·E 2 software is freely available to people, but this tool’s number of free uses is limited.

You can access DALL·E 2 by visiting



ColossalChat is a newcomer on the scene, reclaiming the open space of the Internet. It’s free to use and currently available in browsers, making it a strong alternative to GPT Chat when it’s full. This chatbot can speak Chinese and English and even write code.

The open-source nature of ColossalChat is what makes it so important. This chatbot is based on LlaMa, the large Meta AI language model. This open-source Meta natural language model is closest to a fully open-source version of GPT Chat. This makes ColossalChat very important to AI developers, but it’s now ready for anyone to try.



You Browser has been a lesser-known alternative to Google since 2021, but it was also one of the early pioneers in implementing AI-generated text into its products. YouWrite allows AI to write specific text for you, while YouChat is a more direct simulation of GPT Chat.

There is also YouCode for coding and YouImagine for image generation. All these programs are based on GPT-3 models. Of course, YouImagine uses Stable Diffusion. This means it is adept at generating creative text or answering complex questions but less useful than GPYT Chat, which is currently based on GPYT-3/5.

So, while this chatbot might be less impressive if you’re looking for an alternative, it will give you a similar experience to JPT Chat.


Synthetic artificial intelligence makes videos for you

We all have experiences that we can share with others, but maybe, for whatever reason, you avoid being in front of the camera. YouTubers and other content creators need quality video cameras and advanced editing tools. Synthesia’s AI can animate avatars of different people with just a single text, making it seem like a real person is speaking.

This platform’s simple and user-friendly design can save time and money for video content producers and YouTubers.

Synthesia can automatically detect the text language and allows you to add text, graphics, and different formats to the video.


Automatic post sending with Repurposed artificial intelligence

Since the format of publishing content on social networks and different platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, etc., is different, content creators choose specific platforms for their activities and thus lose a part of their potential audience on other platforms.

The Repurpose platform allows converting and publishing content from one platform to another. For example, you can convert the podcast you published on Spotify to a YouTube video and then publish it on this platform.


Tome’s artificial intelligence creates a 3D model

If we want to talk about a topic to a group of people, we have to prepare several slide pages in this regard. The Tome tool is available to us through the address tome. The app can create a slide for us related to a specific topic.

In addition to creating slide text, Tome’s artificial intelligence can create various images, including 3D ones.


Time tracking with Timely

Tracking our time on different tasks helps us manage our precious time. Although there are various programs for this task, Timely is one of the best AI chatbots to track our activities automatically.

With the help of Timely, you can schedule different tasks or check the performance of yourself and other team members when working on a group project.


Convert text to sound with Murf

To sound a video file, we can use our voice or a professional speaker, but we may need an attractive voice for the audience, and hiring a speaker is also expensive. Murf is an artificial intelligence tool application that can convert text into the voice of a professional speaker.

It is possible to choose different speakers to read part of the text, mix the speaker’s voice and background music, and even change the recorded sound on this platform.



This article has provided a list of the best artificial intelligence chatbots. Each chatbot introduced in this article has different capabilities and can help us do different things like an assistant.

The development of AI tools continues in proportion to the advancement of technology, and perhaps even the best current AI tools will look outdated after a few years.

Most AI chatbots do not use updated data to answer user questions. In addition, artificial intelligence can produce content that is not real, so it is better to check and confirm the output of artificial intelligence carefully.



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