Samsung smart ring

The production of Samsung smart ring will start next month!

Samsung smart ring, the possible name of Galaxy Ring, is a wearable gadget with biometric sensors for health measurement.

For a long time, it was said that Samsung was preparing to produce an intelligent health monitoring ring. Now it is clear that this is not an unfounded rumor, and this wearable gadget is really on the verge of production.

According to the Elec news site, Samsung has completed the preparation and pre-production of this product with the possible name of Galaxy Ring. The required hardware has been provided from the desired sources, and now everything is ready for mass production. The Korean company will likely introduce its smart ring into the production line next month.


As far as we know, Samsung smart ring can collect information about the user’s physical condition and health with its various sensors and send it to the smartphone. It is said that this feature of the Galaxy Ring is even more accurate than the Galaxy Watch. Also, the diameter of the ring can be adjusted according to the diameter of the user’s finger to minimize measurement error.

The product’s appearance is like a very stylish and beautiful ring made with the latest technology, and it is entirely resistant to impact and bending. After careful engineering and review, this intelligent ring has reached the production stage by maintaining health and controlling the body’s characteristics, as well as with many other capabilities.

This means that in addition to the need to obtain regulatory standards, the Galaxy Ring must also obtain various approvals to be recognized as a “medical device.” Therefore, even if production starts next month, it is likely that this gadget will enter the market after 2024 due to the time-consuming process of receiving approvals.

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