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Samsung smart ring

The production of Samsung smart ring will start next month!

Samsung smart ring, the possible name of Galaxy Ring, is a wearable gadget with biometric sensors for health measurement. For a long time, it was said that Samsung was preparing to produce an intelligent health monitoring ring. Now it is clear that this is not an unfounded rumor, and this wearable gadget is really on….

gaming phones

The best gaming phones

Why should anyone go for mobile games despite the high-quality computer and console games? We want to draw your attention to an interesting statistic. In 2022, the entire video game industry will generate about $200 billion in revenue, with 45 percent or $91 billion coming from mobile games and only $58 billion from game consoles. Mobile….

Watch or Samsung Watch

Should we buy Apple Watch or Samsung Watch?

Today, we are going to check the general comparison of two famous smart watch brands, i.e. Apple Watch and Samsung Watch. If you still need to know which of these two brands are the right ones to buy, we will deal with this issue comprehensively today. And in the end, you will find out which….

Galaxy Tab S9

Galaxy Tab S9; Samsung flagship tablet 2023

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series tablets are the most potent Android tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series can be considered the next series of flagship Android tablets from the Korean tech giant. Last year, Samsung launched three models of the Galaxy Tab S8 series. This was the first time that Samsung introduced a tablet….

Galaxy Z Flip

Comparison of galaxy Z flip 4 with galaxy Z fold 4

Comparison of Galaxy Z Flip 4 with Z Fold 4; The difference between the new generation of Samsung folding phones In recent years, Samsung has continuously released high-quality foldable phones, which it calls Z-Fold and Z-Flip. The Galaxy Z-Flip 3 and Z-Fold 3 are Samsung’s best foldable phones in the market. The high sales of….

The best-selling phones

The best-selling Samsung phones in 2023

  In the world of electronics, Samsung is one of the most popular brands that has many fans. The best Samsung phones are among the most advanced and complete smartphones available. Even if you don’t want to buy an expensive model of the brand’s recently released Samsung Galaxy S23 series, there is still a good….

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