Speed up your iPhone

Speed up your iPhone by removing these apps

An Apple expert has revealed how to remove hidden apps that can slow down your iPhone. If your iPhone has been slow lately, uninstalling some hidden apps lurking on your device might be the solution and speed up your iPhone.

When apps run in the background on your iPhone, it can slow down the device’s speed and performance. An Apple expert has introduced the best ways to erase them forever and restore your phone to its original state.

The first method

The first method is to remove hidden apps from the App Library. All iOS apps hidden from the home screen are stored in your library. To find this, all you have to do is open your home screen and swipe left to see a blank home screen without any apps.

The expert explained that a bar titled “App Library” will appear, and to find the hidden app you want to remove, tap on that bar. Once you find the selected app, click on it to get to the uninstall menu and click on “Remove” both times to remove the app from your phone forever.

The second method

The next step is to remove your hidden apps through iPhone settings. First, go to the “Settings” page and then select “General” to remove annoying secret apps. In the following solution, go to “iPhone Storage” and wait a few seconds for your hidden apps to appear.

Select and tap the apps you want to remove from there, and you’ll be taken to a page with all the apps’ information, including storage, data, and app size. Using these two techniques to rid your phone of old, unwanted, and hidden apps may boost its performance and make it as fast as day one.
All iPhone owners were then asked to check their devices for a specific security update that fixes bugs at new speeds. The Rapid Security Response update is the first of its kind from Apple.

Rapid Security Response allows Apple to fix cyber vulnerabilities earlier than regular software updates. They are designed to address zero-day flaws—vulnerabilities in an operating system that can be exploited the same day they are discovered. It also prevents hackers from immediately using a security flaw and can prevent malware from spreading across devices.

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