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In the new platform X update, this feature will be removed

Elon Musk, the owner of Platform X (formerly Twitter), announced that a security feature that allowed users to block other accounts would be removed.
The ability to block or block people in X allowed users to limit the ability of particular user accounts to communicate with them and not let them see or follow their posts.

In a post on Platform X, referring to direct messages, Musk wrote: The blocking option will be removed except for direct messages.

According to him, the function of Mute (stopping the display of people’s posts in the X feed) will be preserved. Musk considers himself a supporter of freedom of speech, but some critics believe his behavior is irresponsible.
After investigating, researchers found that the amount of hateful content has increased since he took over the platform. Some governments also accused X of not doing enough to review its content.

Removing or limiting the blocking feature in X may conflict with the Apple and Google application store guidelines (App Store and Google Play).

According to Apple’s rules, applications with the ability to create content by users must have the ability to block abusers. According to Google Play rules, applications must have a drop system to block users and their content.

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