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Samsung plans to invest in foldable tablets and laptops

Samsung is investing heavily in foldable tablets and laptops.

Samsung is indeed working on a foldable tablet that could be launched separately from the Galaxy Z Fold series, in his recent interview with the Independent. TM Rowe, the president of Samsung Mobile, confirmed that his company is developing foldable tablets and laptops.

People open books for reading and notebooks for writing and close them again after use to take up less space and be easier to transport. This action is only a small part of natural human behavior, and we are also developing such a device.

The president of Samsung, in another part of his explanation about the company’s future folding devices, said:

We have seen the introduction of foldable smartphones to the market for a few years now, and now the time has come for the said technology to be used in tablets and laptops, and we at Samsung are making a lot of investments to achieve this goal.
– TM Row, Samsung

The executive director of Samsung also announced that his company is preparing the basic technology for folding tablets and laptops. This technology will be launched as a consumer product when it is ready to provide meaningful innovations.

The foldable tablet should also have a thin and light body. Of course, the resistance of this device is also significant, and you should be able to use it daily without worry.

Galaxy Z Fold tab

Before Samsung confirmed the production of its folding tablet, some news sources had announced that the company would launch such a product this year. In these rumors, it was mentioned that the said tablet would be introduced alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 series, but this did not happen.

Another point about the Samsung tablet was the company’s patent certificate, which referred to the Galaxy Z Fold Tab. Sometime later, renderings based on the registered patent were made available, showing that this device’s display could be folded inwards and outwards.

Since the price of this product is still high for most users after the release of five generations of the Samsung Z Fold folding phone, it should be seen how much the price of the Samsung Z Fold Tab tablet will be determined. However, the Korean tech giant must consider ways to entice people to buy such expensive products.

Of course, many of the company’s patents never make the final product, and we have to wait for Samsung to provide more information about its foldable tablet.

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