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Do not buy a laptop without understanding these important points

No matter what job you have or what university you study, you will eventually need a laptop to do various things. Many manufacturing companies operate in the field of producing laptops. They are trying to make multiple models for different needs so that every user can buy a computer that suits their requirements. In this article, which is a laptop buying guide, we will help you so that you can make a better and safer purchase by better understanding the critical factors.

In the following, we will mention all the essential things in a laptop, and you can choose a good option for yourself, depending on your budget and your need for a computer. For example, if you play a lot, pay more attention to the graphics card, and if you want to do video editing and use engineering software, you should go for models with a robust CPU. Even if you have a limited budget and are considering buying a used and stock laptop, the tips mentioned in this guide will help you.
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Determine your budget and laptop needs

Buying a laptop

The first and most important factor in getting a new device is determining the budget and usage of that device for you. By knowing these two things, you will be more successful in getting a laptop that suits your needs.

If you don’t have a budget limit, you can go directly to the updated flagship models that have high speed and will meet all your needs for several years. But the buying process will differ if you have set aside a limited budget.

If your laptop use is daily and general needs such as web browsing, watching videos, and working with tools such as Office, a low-end laptop will cover all your needs.

If you need to run heavier software such as Photoshop, engineering software, virtual machines, programming IDEs, etc., choosing a laptop with a mid-range processor and more than 8 GB of RAM and SSD memory can be the best choice.

But if you have heavy activities such as media editing and rendering, heavy processing, or gaming, look for high-end models with powerful independent graphics and optimal cooling systems.

Know the operating systems when buying a laptop

In general, there are four known operating systems for computer systems, which we will mention below. You should know these operating systems well and then choose one; Because both in terms of access to software and words of appearance, these operating systems differ to a large extent, and it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of each before purchasing.


Microsoft Windows is the most comprehensive and efficient operating system with a long history. The software for this operating system is much more and smoother, and much software is only produced for Windows. For example, the most commonly used software, MS Office, Access, or Outlook, is specific to Windows, and if your needs are met with this software, you should choose Windows as your operating system. Selecting a Windows operating system does not make your choice much smaller because today, most laptops and home computer systems are based on the Windows operating system.

Buying a laptop

If you have a small budget, you should go for Windows laptops, and your choice is limited to this operating system. Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows. Microsoft has made every effort to make this operating system more attractive in terms of appearance, and it has succeeded to a large extent. This version has a more minimal and lovely shape than Windows 10. Of course, you are not required to install Windows 11; you can still install Windows 10 or even eight on your laptop.

In general, the weakness of Windows 11 or the Windows operating system can be called occasional bugs and many minor updates.
The possibility of installing Android software has been added in Windows 11, a good and attractive feature that can be important to you.


This operating system, which may not be familiar to many people, and Chrome is only a browser, is new. Still, Chrome also has an operating system suitable for those who do their work in a web browser. It is worth mentioning that Chrome laptops are called Chromebooks. Chromebooks have little processing power and a low price tag, making them suitable for people on a tight budget. Some software is not installed on Chromebooks, including Adobe’s Creative Suite or Microsoft Office, although Office has a version for mobile phones/tablets. Since Chromebooks use the Android mobile operating system, this software can be installed on Chromebooks. But you should be aware that it doesn’t work well and has this problem with other Android apps.

Buying a laptop

In general, Chromebooks are more suitable for students who need to watch videos and surf the Internet for studying. If a user needs to install serious software and wants to use the laptop for specialized work, we do not recommend buying a Chromebook at all, and it is better to go for Windows or Mac.


This operating system, designed and released by Apple, is much easier than Windows for beginner users and has many fans due to its high speed and convenience. The problem with this operating system is that it needs to be fully compatible with non-Apple hardware. There is less software for this operating system, but if you are a user or user of other Apple products, such as the iPad and iPhone, your options are probably limited to the Mac operating system. and this is due to the high compatibility of Apple’s operating systems and hardware with each other, which provides you with high quality.

Buying a laptop

Apple’s new MacBooks use the manufacturer’s chips called M1 and M2, and in this way, they can run iOS software without any problems. MacBooks running macOS run smoother and faster (generally) than Windows, and you’re less likely to encounter the occasional bug. This operating system is installed by default on MacBooks, which means you have access to macOS as soon as you turn on your Mac and don’t need to install it like Windows.

One of the disadvantages of this operating system is that it is limited to Apple’s own MacBooks and if you use an iPhone. You don’t have any problems in terms of budget; go for a Mac to experience the excellent compatibility between these two devices and because of the similarity of IOS with Experience macOS with a familiar look from scratch.

Linux OS

Buying a laptop

The well-known operating system with many supporters at the beginning of its release is called Linux, which is open source, and you can install it with any hardware. Remember that some popular software, such as Office, is unavailable on this operating system, and you cannot access Adobe Photoshop. In general, if you are a regular user, we do not recommend using this operating system and Windows, Mac, or Chromebook. This operating system is prevalent among programmers.Therefore, buying a Linux laptop in specialized cases is not recommended.

Choose the right size

Buying a laptop

It is true that the bigger the screen the laptop has, the more enjoyable it will be to watch the content, but you should keep in mind that the bigger the computer you buy, the heavier it will be and the harder it will be for you to carry it with you all the time. Be. Based on your needs, decide if you are going to move the laptop a lot or if you are going to use it in a fixed way.Therefore, when buying a new laptop, you should consider its weight and size.

 11 or 12-inch laptops: These are the lightest and smallest on the market, and they can be considered almost the same size as the new tablets.

 13-14 inch laptop: These laptops are the best option for carrying around while still having enough space to work. For example, Apple’s MacBook Air uses a 13.3-inch screen.

• 15 to 16-inch laptop: Most laptops on the market fall into this range and measure 15.6 inches. This site is suitable for watching content, playing games, and working with software, but it isn’t easy to transport.

 17-18 inch laptop: Laptops of this size are great for gaming and watching content, and you will have a lot of space in front of you. The same thing causes the weight to increase, and they are not a suitable option for easy transportation.


The beating heart of the laptop; hardware!

All laptop parts are essential, but undoubtedly the most crucial factor will be the hardware, which helps you do various processes, run games and work with your laptop without slowing down. Some laptops in the market do not use separate graphics cards, and these models are not recommended for people who work with 3D and graphic software or play games with laptops. These people are better off looking for models with separate graphics cards. to go

Manufacturing companies launch their laptops with different configurations. For example, an excellent and not-so-expensive laptop may have a superb CPU but does not use a graphics card; such a laptop will be suitable for a programmer, but a graphic artist should not go for it. In the following, we will explain the central processors available in the market and what hardware you will probably encounter on laptops.

Buying a laptop

In recent years, intel processors have been produced with INTEL CORE I code from 3 to 9. As expected, the Core i5 power is more than the Core i3, and the Core i7 power is more than the Core i5, and an expensive processor is added to this group, called intel xeon. It is known and used mainly by gamers or workstation laptops. Of course, Intel also has processors such as N4020, N4120, etc., which are used on budget laptops.

AMD processors are also produced with the code AMD Ryzen and from 3 and above, as well as a series of powerful processors called AMD Ryzen Threadripper, which have something to say in the competition in the world of gamers and workstation laptops. Choosing among AMD CPUs also depends on the desired performance, and the stronger the CPU of your system, the higher the processing speed.

These two brands have been competing for years, and one cannot be considered superior. Until a few years ago, we could say that Intel had the upper hand, but now this statement is no longer valid. It is better to pay attention to its performance in various tests and benchmarks when choosing a CPU rather than limiting your choice to Intel or AMD.

Buying a laptop

Next to the CPU is another essential part called the GPU or graphics card. This part is used in laptops connected to the motherboard and is sufficient for various tasks, and a separate graphics card is only needed for playing games and doing heavy graphics work. The manufacturer of the graphics processor connected to the motherboard is the manufacturer of the CPU, and this means that if you buy a laptop with an AMD central processor, its integrated graphics card is AMD.

Note that even laptops with discrete graphics cards have integrated graphics cards. Regarding graphics cards, the two companies, Nvidia and AMD, are the best in the market and have close competition. However, most laptops with a discrete graphics card use Nvidia. This company’s cheaper graphics card models are Geforce MX350 and MX450, and more expensive models are seen with names like GTX 1650, RTX 3050, RTX 3060, etc.

How much RAM do I need?

RAM, or temporary memory, is a high-speed memory module responsible for storing the data the processor processes. Higher RAM allows the processor to perform the calculation process faster. As a result, increasing the capacity and frequency of RAM will also increase the speed of your computer. In this way, we can introduce RAM, which is a temporary memory; if it runs out, you will no longer be able to give a new command to the CPU.

Buying a laptop

The new laptops are available in versions with 4 to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. However, the best choice for users is RAM with memory between 8 and 16 GB. If you want to buy a light and general-purpose laptop, eight is enough for you.

If you are going to edit a video and are a content producer, go for more RAM and buy a laptop with at least 16 GB of RAM.
Also, if you plan to play with a laptop, 16 GB of RAM or more will suit you.

Pay attention to the bandwidth and RAM bus apart from the amount of RAM. For example, 8 GB of DDR5 RAM will naturally perform better than 8 GB of DDR4 RAM.

Laptop Memory

The hardware part is completed with this part, the internal memory, Because above, we explained CPU, graphics card, and RAM. The hard disk is the part where you store your information and, of course, the data of your operating system. Hard disks can be compared to the drawers of a closet where you can store information. The production of hard disks, like all electronic devices, has made many improvements, and in terms of speed, it cannot be compared with ten years ago. Today, most hard disks are produced in the form of solid-state or (SSD), which both benefit from high speed and are very resistant to impact and shaking, although there are still laptops that use rotating hard disk technology, or HDD, due to the high price of SSD hard disks. Of course, these rotating hard drives have problems with movement and shaking, and your rotating hard disk may stop, and data may be lost.

Buying a laptop

If you buy an expensive laptop, its memory will undoubtedly be SSD or hybrid (i.e., a combination of SSD and HDD), but if you buy a cheap laptop, note that SSD memory is preferably used on it. Be SSD memory makes programs load and run faster, and the operating system loads and boots much quicker. Also, thanks to this faster memory, data transfer is done much more quickly. SSD memories themselves have several models, and their speeds are different.

Laptop screen

Buying a laptop

One of the essential parts of a laptop that should be mentioned in the guide to buying a laptop is the display part; Because you have to constantly look at the screen regardless of what you are going to do with the laptop. In general, people used only to pay attention to the screen size, but today you have to consider many things. The following will explain what points you should consider in the display field.

Panel manufacturing technology

One of the most basic of these is the panel manufacturing technology, which can be IPS, TN, or OLED. TN has the lowest quality and is generally used on cheaper laptops among these technologies. The colors in this technology are not vivid and transparent and appear a little soulless. IPS technology can be seen on most laptops, from relatively cheap models to expensive models, gaming, and more. OLED is another technology used in laptop screens, the same technology seen on many Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple phones.

Buying a laptop

Laptops with OLED panels usually have a higher price and display more attractive and vivid colors, and black color is displayed with infinite depth. Another advantage of these displays is their excellent brightness; these panels can produce up to 500 or 600 nits, while this number for IPS panels is generally between 250 and 300.

The best technology is OLED, then IPS, and finally TN.


Regarding the question, what points should we pay attention to when buying a laptop? We consider the screen resolution one of the most essential matters when purchasing. The higher the resolution of the laptop screen, the more pixels there are per inch, and as a result, the displayed image will be sharper, and you will see more details. Laptops use different resolutions, including HD, FHD, QHD, and 4K.

HD resolution on cheap laptops is the lowest resolution that can be bought now.
Laptops with HD screens only have acceptable quality and cannot be considered suitable and reasonable. The current most common resolution is FHD, which is used on many displays, from mid-range to some relatively expensive gaming ones.

Buying a laptop

This resolution is suitable for playing games, working with a laptop, and viewing content, but we must consider it better. FHD displays are attractive until you look at QHD and 4K panels content; if you put these displays side by side, you will notice the difference.
If you like watching content, go for QHD or 4K panels. Watching content on these screens is a double pleasure; everything is evident before you.

If you are a gamer, choose the same FHD or, finally, QHD resolution; Because the higher the resolution, the refresh rate will decrease, and you will generally have to set the resolution to FHD when playing games (if, for example, the laptop is QHD or 4K).

Aspect ratio

Most of the laptops in the market use a ratio of 16 to 19, and this ratio is quite common, but if you are a content producer and want to edit videos and photos or even plan to read or surf the web for a long time, it is better to go for a panel. Go with a 16 to 10 ratio. This ratio makes the screen more expansive and gives you more space to work in front of you.

Renewal rate and delay

You are familiar with the story of refresh rates in displays; Because this issue is a hot topic among smartphones, and users must consider the screen renewal rate when buying a phone.
The higher the refresh rate of a screen, the more smoothly the content can be presented to you; Because this screen is refreshed more times per second. 90 and 120 Hz refresh rates are standard in smartphones, but 120, 144, 165, and even 300 Hz refresh rates are also seen in laptops.

Buying a laptop

If your laptop is mid-range or high-end, pay attention to the refresh rate of 120 Hz or higher so that the content will appear more smoothly in front of you, and working with the laptop will feel faster and better. As we mentioned above, the higher the panel resolution, the lower the refresh rate, and for this reason, most gaming laptops prefer to use FHD resolution.

The amount of display delay is essential for gaming laptops and gamers, but this issue will be optional for average users. The lower the delay, the faster the content will be in front of you, and in this way, you can react quicker and win the battle of COD or any other shooter game.

Laptop battery

Since laptops are considered portable gadgets, their main advantage over desktop computers is their feature, and if you need to carry the laptop for a long time at work, university, etc., depending on your needs, long battery life is a significant advantage. Will be.
Although, for example, this feature may be optional for gamers. (one reason why the amount of battery is optional for gamers is that in so-called gaming laptops, the maximum graphics processing power is only when the laptop is directly connected to electricity).

Buying a laptop

Finally, the thing you need to know about batteries and charging products is that the durability of a device is not necessarily related to its higher battery volume, and a large part of this depends on software and hardware optimizations.
Laptop batteries are generally consumable; regardless of the brand, they should be replaced every few years. However, buying a laptop with a long battery life can ensure the replacement process is completed on time.
The number of cells determines the laptop battery charging. For example, a laptop with a three-cell battery will give you 6 to 7 hours of helpful activity. Naturally, batteries with six or nine cells have more charging capacity.
Windows laptops generally do not have perfect battery charging, and 20 or 25% of Windows laptops can be considered suitable for charging. MacBooks fare much better in this respect and last long, thanks to Apple’s optimized chips.

Keyboard and touchpad

Buying a laptop

Before buying a laptop, decide if you are going to use the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad or if you are one of the users who prefer a separate keyboard and mouse. If you will use the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad, ensure the laptop has a good keyboard and a smooth and large touchpad. The buttons of a good keyboard should have an attractive typing feel, and more importantly, the distance between the buttons should be adjusted. A good touchpad should have a large size and support gestures, and the finger should move smoothly.

Also, note that the laptop keys are not made of low-quality ABS plastic, so they do not wear out in the long run.

Which ports do you need?

Buying a laptop

The number and types of ports of each laptop differ depending on the price, size, and features. But usually, the number of connection ports placed in the laptop’s body could be much higher. However, you can always increase the frequently used USB ports with a quality USB hub.

However, at a minimum, you need a USB Type-A port, a USB Type-C port, and a headphone or headset jack connection in a laptop. The rest of the ports and relationships, such as HDMI, LAN, VGA, etc., can be present depending on your needs from the desired laptop.

Other points you should remember

Buying a laptop

Ultimately, some points may only be necessary for some users when buying a laptop. However, it’s okay to review some of these features quickly.

Webcam is one of these things that should be paid more attention to when buying. However, its importance is high for users who participate in online meetings and meetings. The camera quality of webcams, especially in economic models, could be much better. Therefore, if you intend to use the webcam frequently, consider at least 720P quality.

Finally, when buying a laptop, please pay attention to the material of the body and its strength. In most economic models, the body, hinges, and display frame are plastic, highly prone to damage and breakage. Therefore, consider buying a laptop with a robust aluminum body.

What brand of laptop should I buy?

To get information about this, read the best laptop brands in 2023.


Summary of laptop buying guide

Laptops are one of the most essential tools in our daily life, but due to their high price, it has become a challenge to get them.

Therefore, the audience should select and buy the required model according to their needs and budget. To make your work easier, we discussed the essential criteria for purchasing a laptop in detail in this article.

Suppose your work with a laptop is limited to watching movies and surfing the web. You don’t need to spend money to buy laptops with independent graphics, and 8 GB of RAM will be enough for you. Also, Intel’s 8th generation and later Core i3 processors or AMD’s A6 and A8 series will start your work.

If your work with a laptop is heavier than these words, consider buying mid-range and flagship models. If you also have experience or advice about buying a laptop, we will be happy to share it with us and other audiences.



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