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The best laptop brands in 2023

These days, it has become tough to buy a bad and low-quality laptop because all the brands are designing and producing quality products in tight competition, the purchase of each of which can provide you with various advantages and facilities. But the balance between power, performance, portability, and comfort differentiates the best laptops from the excellent and average brands.

Some brands have years of experience making different laptops, putting them ahead of other competitors in one or more lines. In this article, we have ranked the brands in various categories of users, but you may want to know the standards and criteria used to classify different laptop brands. In the following, you will get acquainted with these criteria.


Global criteria for choosing the best laptop brand


The price of laptops is one of the critical factors in evaluating these products. We are looking for laptops that offer the best and most features at a reasonable price. The higher the product’s price, the more we expect from it.


We want the laptop to be robust enough that our target audience doesn’t need another computer. For example, a gaming laptop should be able to play the most popular games in the world.


We like screens that display colors correctly and have good brightness


We are looking for laptops with durable and durable build quality that can be as resistant as possible to the damage inflicted on them from place to place.

Battery life:

Many buyers prefer laptops to PCs because they don’t want to be in a fixed location and constantly worry about finding a power outlet. Long battery life gives the user freedom of action and makes the device suitable for traveling.

Number and type of ports:

The more ports, the better.

Therefore, the following list of the best laptop brands is provided according to the above criteria. Be sure to stay with us until the end of the article.


The best gaming laptop brand in 2023

With the growth and expansion of the computer games market, laptop manufacturers started to design and produce various gaming laptop series to attract those interested in these games. These laptops soon opened their place among gamers because by paying a fee and buying a product, they could play their favorite games and do other things like typing, surfing the web, and watching movies simultaneously. Over the years, various brands have designed great products that compete with game consoles. In the following, we introduce these brands.

The best laptop

1. Asus brand

One of our standards for checking and choosing the best laptop brand was that that brand has a dedicated line for producing gaming laptops. Asus laptop brand, which was established in 1989, has not one but two separate lines for the production of home gaming laptops. The ROG premium line and the economical yet professional line of Asus TUF laptops. The existence of high-quality and flagship laptops in both bars and meeting every need we have for a gaming laptop made us put Asus in the first place.

Asus’s ROG laptop series uses top and excellent parts in its products, and all Zephyrus and Strix models are equipped with new-generation processors and the most powerful Nvidia graphics. The TUF laptop series combines new and old-generation components to cover a broader range of budgets. ROG Strix G17, TUF Gaming F17, and TUF Gaming F15 laptops are among the best products of this laptop brand.

2. Razer brand

Several things make the Razer laptop brand on our list, the most important reason being that this brand is a gaming company. While all of the brands on our list have a separate line for gaming laptops, Razer has always been in the gaming business. The only reason this brand is not in the first place is that the variety of its products is limited, and some have a high price.

The Razer laptop brand could be considered the most well-known gaming laptop brand in the market in 2023. These laptops make you think of a professional gamer and offer their best performance to affect your gaming experience profoundly. All Razer gaming laptops use Nvidia 30 series graphics and new or previous-generation Intel processors. Razer Blade Pro 17, Razer Blade 15, and Razer Blade 13 Stealth models are among the best models of this brand.

3. Acer brand

The oldest brand on our list has been producing computers since 1976. Like the ASUS laptop brand, Acer has two separate lines for producing gaming laptops: the premium Predator and Economic Nitro lines. These two lines’ products are the best gaming laptops in the market. The construction quality of these laptops is very high despite their simple and basic appearance.

Most of the laptops of this brand are priced according to what you would expect from a gaming laptop, but some of them use graphics and processors of the new generation, which makes their prices higher. But your price is worth the features and quality you get. Predator Triton 500, Predator Triton 300, and Nitro 5 models are among the best products of this laptop brand.

4. MSI brand

The MSI company was established in 1986, but it has recently joined the list of gaming laptop manufacturers, the innovation and high-level standards that this brand uses in its products place them in the highest ranks and the best laptops in the market. To give The range of MSI gaming products is very wide, and they are priced between $1,500 and $2,000. The MSI laptop brand has excellent options for buying a high-quality mid-range laptop.

Of course, only some things are perfect at MSI, and many laptops need help with battery life and overheating. Therefore, if you plan to buy one of MSI laptops, keep a little distance from the power outlet and get a high-quality cool pad. MSI GE76 Raider, MSI Delta 15, and MSI Stealth 15M models are among the best models of this brand.

5. Dell brand

If we say that the Dell laptop brand, which has produced a wide range of great laptops, we put in this list only because of the Alienware line, we would be unfair to this brand. Gaming laptops with the Alienware logo are one of the most well-known gaming laptops at an affordable and reasonable price. Dell has produced few gaming laptops, unlike other brands with different gaming series. E-laptops have a standard design, average power, and a lower price than competitors. Alienware X17, Alienware M17 R4, and G15 models are among the most popular models of this brand.


The best Office laptop brand in 2023

Choosing the best laptop brand for the volume of office work takes time and effort. You need a durable, safe, powerful, lightweight device with a long battery life, and many choices are in front of you. We checked a few brands that we would introduce to you to make it easier for you to choose an office laptop.

The best laptop

1. Apple brand

Apple believes there is a Mac for every business. No one can deny the quality and efficiency of Apple laptops. This laptop brand offers all its products with beautiful designs, excellent performance, bright screens and vivid colors, comfortable keyboards, and fantastic battery life. If we consider the price, Apple products can easily be considered the best laptops for office workloads. This year, Apple overtook the competition with the launch of the MacBook Air M2 and maintained its position at the top of this list. In addition to the above model, MacBook Pro (2021), MacBook Pro M1, and MacBook Air M1 models are also among the best office laptops.

2. Lenovo brand

Even though the Lenovo laptop brand has not been introduced to the market for many years, it has always been able to place products in the list of the best. The variety of Lenovo products is very high, and you can get an office laptop from this brand with any budget. Lenovo’s focus and sensitivity are on innovation and quality, and it always uses the best and latest components from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia companies. In addition to the build quality, the price set for Lenovo products is very competitive and affordable. ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Legion 5 Pro and IdeaPad 1 are popular Lenovo office work models.

3. Asus brand

Asus may be considered the most diverse laptop brand with a high-quality product for every budget and performance. The Asus Vivobook series, with exemplary configuration, lightweight, and excellent battery life, can be an ideal choice for work laptops. If you want to pay more, the Zenbook line can meet your needs for years. VivoBook Pro 15 OLED Ultra Slim, Zenbook S 13 OLED, and Vivobook 16 models are the best options for office laptops.


The best student laptop brand in 2023

The general perception of a laptop is that it is a luxury and expensive product. Still, considering the currency situation in our country, this perception is similar to reality, so when a student needs a laptop, he worries about the high price. He has to pay for it. But despite this, it is still possible to find a good and high-quality economic laptop from famous brands that meet the needs of students. By using cheaper materials in constructing the chassis or choosing hardware from previous generations, some brands produce an affordable product for users with a limited budget, which is an excellent option for buying a student laptop.

The best laptop

1. Dell brand

This is the second time the Dell laptop brand has been included in the list of the best brands. This experienced and old company has been able to put high-quality parts together to market products at a low price that perform well and have features such as a webcam cover and more USB-C ports than competitors. The Inspiron 14 and XPS 13 models are among the best and most affordable student laptops.

2. HP brand

HP brand laptops are among the highest quality laptops on the market, and if you get one of them, you can be sure that they will be with you for years. HP has placed its economic laptops in ENVY and Pavilion lines, whose new models have Windows 11 operating system, 12th and 13th generation Intel processors, and Nvidia graphics. The best models include ENVY 16″ h000 and Pavilion Plus 14″ eh100.


The best light and portable laptop brand in 2023

Today’s life is no longer limited to one place like in the past. With portable devices such as laptops, we can carry out our work or leisure activities with a computer anywhere throughout the day. But to carry the machine quickly and comfortably, you need a light laptop with a long battery life that can answer your tasks all day with just one charge. Various brands have responded to this need of users by producing thin, light, and energy-efficient laptops.

The best laptop

1. HP brand

Pavilion series laptops have recently attracted the attention of many buyers. Last year, the Pavilion Aero model was introduced to the market, a fast, well-equipped, and highly light product (900 grams), and the new Pavilion Plus 14 model, with a very slim and portable aluminum chassis and OLED screen, has been able to replace Lenovo’s IdeaPad series. The new HP Pavilion series is the lightest and most portable laptop on the market.

2. Microsoft brand

Microsoft has been trying to try its luck in the laptop market for several years. This booming technology giant has also shined in this field. He has taken a relatively impressive market share by producing light, slim products with professional configurations on par with demanding users. The Surface series is considered a PC in the form of a laptop with the same power and efficiency. Surface Go two, and Surface Go 3 models are among this company’s best and lightest products.

3. Lenovo brand

Lenovo, equipped with the most advanced facilities and equipment, has taken advantage of every opportunity to produce portable laptops. It has launched thin, light, and reasonable battery life products with its IdeaPad series. The new IdeaPad models have OLED touch screens, the latest Intel processors, and Nvidia graphics. The IdeaPad Slim 7 Carbon model, considered a mid-range laptop in terms of price, is the thinnest and lightest model of this Lenovo laptop series.

The best 2 in 1 laptop brand in 2023

2-in-1 laptops are the best value for people who want to do all light work, school or university activities, web surfing, and movie watching on one device. In addition to their excellent lifespan, small form factor, and various modes of use, these laptops play the role of both regular laptops and tablets. We have placed the best 2-in-1 laptop brand in first place on the list below.

The best laptop

1. Lenovo brand

Various brands have been able to offer beautiful and professional 2-in-1 laptops to the market in the last few years. Still, Lenovo launched multiple products for every taste and budget with the Yoga line. The new Lenovo Yoga models use the 12th generation Intel processor, Iris Xe graphics, and have at least 16 GB of RAM. In addition, the use of OLED touch screens has added to the advantages of this line. The Yoga 9i Gen 8 model is considered the best product of this line and is suitable for most people.

2. Samsung brand

You have probably been waiting many times since the beginning of the article to see the name of the Samsung laptop brand among the best. The name of this company is tied to quality and excellence. Samsung laptops are among the most durable and powerful laptops on the market, and by purchasing one of them, you will not need to upgrade your system or buy a new product for years. Samsung Galaxy Book series will be one of the best choices for you by producing a light, beautiful, and professional 2 in 1 laptop. The Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 model is this company’s latest and most beautiful 2-in-1 product. It has a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Iris Xe graphics, 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of memory.

3. Asus brand

The success of the Asus laptop brand in all laptop categories is endless. This company uses the latest generation of processors and graphics from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, 16 gigs of RAM and at least 512 gigs of memory, and high resolution and very lightweight OLED screens to market popular 2 in 1 laptops. Their good sales show that Asus has been able to attract the favorable opinion of users. Vivobook S 14 Flip OLED and Chromebook Detachable CM3 models are among the best models of this brand.

The best Chromebook laptop brand in 2023

Chromebooks are a new type of laptop that works with the ChromeOS operating system. They store all your files in the cloud instead of internal storage space, maximizing their security. These laptops are cheap, have excellent battery life, do everything a regular Windows laptop can do, and are less prone to viruses. These laptops work well with other Google products. Different brands have produced Chromebooks, which you will get to know in the following to get one step closer to buying a Chromebook.

The best laptop


1. Lenovo brand

By combining its innovation and Google technology, the Lenovo laptop brand has been able to market various Chromebook laptops with different prices and configurations. You can find a good Chromebook in this brand for any budget. The most popular Lenovo Chromebooks are Chromebook Duet 3, C13 Yoga Chromebook, Flex 5 Chromebook, and Duet 5 models.

2. Asus brand

Asus is the most frequent laptop brand in our lists because it tries to provide a dedicated system for every user’s need using the best configurations. Asus has an ideal product if you want to use your Chromebook for schoolwork, office work, cloud gaming, or watching movies. Chromebook Flip CX5601, Chromebook Flip CX5, Chromebook CX9, Chromebook Flip CM3, and Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip models are among the best Chromebooks of this brand and respond to different needs and tastes.

The best engineering laptop brand of 2023

Video content producers and editors, architects, graphic designers, and design engineers need screens with high color accuracy, excellent brightness levels, and powerful hardware to ensure that the device can handle the simultaneous execution of heavy applications such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects or any other specialized software. It is a difficult choice, but we have provided you with a list of the best brands of workstations that you can choose from according to your needs and budget.

The best laptop

1. HP brand

The HP laptop brand started producing workstation laptops by creating the Zbook line, which was introduced in September 2013. These laptops use Nvidia Quadro and AMD FirePro graphics cards and Thunderbolt interface. The screens of Zbook workstations include 14-inch touchscreens and 17-inch HP DreamColor IPS panels. The 15-inch models recently have screens with a resolution of 1800×3200. Zbook Firefly 14 G9 and Zbook Studio G9 models are among the best models 2023.

2. Dell brand

In 2015, the Dell laptop brand introduced the Precision series as its workstation laptop, and in the following years, it launched new generations with different configurations. These laptops use Nvidia Quadro graphics and new generation Intel processors, at least 16 gigs of RAM, and 256 gigs of SSD memory, and their size reaches up to 17 inches. Precision 7770 and Precision 5470 models are among the best workstations of 2023.

3. Lenovo brand

In its ThinkPad series, Lenovo has dedicated models with P-code to the production of its workstation laptops, and some of these laptops have attracted the opinion of critics and have become among the best workstations this year. These laptops are capable of running all specialized and professional applications. With speedy graphics and processors and the latest technologies, they can quickly fulfill your needs for heavy computer work. ThinkPad P16 Gen1 and ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 models are the best workstations in the market.

The best laptop brands for programming in 2023

Technically, software engineers can code on any laptop. Still, if you want to choose a dedicated notebook for programming, it should be able to meet coding needs such as a fast processor, a high amount of RAM, and at least 256 GB of SSD memory. From these specifications, you don’t need a high budget to get these laptops, and you can meet this need by buying a mid-range system. The best brands for programming include the following.

The best laptop

1. Asus brand

In its Vivobook line, the Asus brand produces laptops that are the best choice for programmers who want to buy an excellent and professional product with a reasonable budget. In addition to their beautiful and stylish appearance, lightweight, and fantastic battery life, these laptops use new-generation AMD and Intel processors and Nvidia graphics. The best programming laptops are VivoBook 15, Vivobook S15 S533, Vivobook 14, and VivoBook 17 F7112DA models.

2. Acer brand

Acer laptop brands can be considered among economic brands. Of course, this brand’s premium and specialized models have relatively high prices. Still, the Swift and Aspire lines can be the best option for programming using simple design and powerful configuration.

You can choose good laptops for programming from other brands, including Lenovo, HP, Apple, and MSI.

By reading this text, we conclude that although choosing the best brand is difficult, it is possible to categorize the performance of laptops, brands that perform better than other manufacturers, and their products offer more features for the money you pay. We offer a rate.


A few frequently asked questions about the best laptop brands in 2023

1. Can a 2 in 1 laptop be used for programming?

Yes. These laptops can be an ideal choice for programming due to their lightweight and slim design and new-generation processors, having at least 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of memory.

2. Which brand has a dedicated line for graphic designers?

Asus brand has been able to amaze critics by producing ProArt StudioBook laptops. These beautiful and ultra-professional laptops have the latest generation of processors and graphics cards, and their color accuracy differs from reality.

3. What is the best-selling laptop brand?

Apple, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, MSI.


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