This Indian couple sold their 8-month-old baby to buy an iPhone 14!

A poor Indian couple sold their infant to buy an iPhone 14 and create Instagram rails. Of course, the police immediately arrested the baby’s mother and the buyer, but the baby’s father escaped from the police.

The story started when the suspicious behavior of this Indian couple and the sudden disappearance of their child made the neighbors aware, and they reported the matter to the police. The baby’s mother admitted to illegally selling her child and said they planned to use the proceeds to travel to West Bengal and create Instagram rails through her iPhone 14. The child’s father is also apparently involved in the illegal sale of his child.

Of course, in India, many parents sell their children, which is not unheard of, but trading a child’s life for a smartphone is a harsh reality and can be very disturbing.

This unfortunate incident is not unique to India. There are similar stories all over the world. For example 2016, a Chinese couple sold their baby to buy an iPhone. These cases point to a world where greed for technological products outstrips human compassion. This issue should make us humans think seriously.

What do you think about this Indian couple selling their baby to buy iPhone 14?

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