New and attractive features of iOS 17 that Androids miss!

New and attractive features of iOS 17 that Androids miss!

In the continuation of this text, we will introduce some of the best features of Apple’s iOS 17 operating system, which Android users are missing and regret
The latest generation of the iPhone operating system, iOS 17, is one of the most extensive updates in the history of this operating system in recent years.
Of course, adding new features to one of the two operating systems, Android and iOS, is not a new thing. As the owners of these two operating systems, two companies, Google and Apple, are constantly battling each other. Each one tries to add newer features to each generation of its operating system. , have the upper hand.
Due to this issue, iPhone owners, recently, thanks to the unveiling of iOS 17, can access new and attractive features on their phones that Android users are currently unable to use.
In continuing this text, stay with us to introduce some of the most attractive and best features of iOS 17.

Contact Posters

iOS 17 allows users to design an entirely personal and unique poster of themselves to be displayed to the other party during FaceTime calls.

This creative idea eliminates the need to use an avatar and a personal profile image for each vital contact, and an attractive poster of the caller will be displayed with each call.

Naturally, adding this feature to Android phones will be an attractive event for the users of these devices. However, the number of Android phone manufacturers and each of them using their custom skin on their products makes it challenging to implement this design in the Android operating system.

However, it can be expected that some famous companies like Google or Samsung can implement such an idea in their products to stay within Apple in this field.

Of course, Samsung currently allows its users to personalize the background screen of their favorite calls. However, unlike iOS, designed images will only be displayed for incoming calls and will not be sent to contacts’ devices.
Of course, by adding such a feature to the Android open-source core, Google can open the hands of Android phone makers to use it and enable the use of this creative idea in the personal skins of each company.

Live Voicemail

One of the best new features of iOS 17 is an effortless and straightforward operation, and in fact, it was used in most home phones and mobiles a long time ago!

iOS 17’s Live Voicemail function is a traditional voicemail for mobile phones. It allows users to listen to incoming voicemails while recording them and respond on the spot if necessary.

Of course, this feature was used in home phones years ago; But upon entering the era of mobile phones, we gradually saw them being abandoned.

Now Apple has decided to revive this feature again for smartphones.

In addition to the content of the message, the Live Voicemail feature also provides users with details of the sending time and its characteristics.

This feature is also one of the things that Androids can incorporate in the next generations of their phones, inspired by iOS 17. This is, of course, assuming that Google doesn’t confiscate it as a Pixel-exclusive feature.

Currently, applications in the Google Play store simulate Live Voicemail to some extent. However, none can respond to an incoming message like iOS in the middle of a voice recording.

Automatic deletion of the two-step authentication SMS

Two-step authentication is a key and widely used security method for accessing digital devices in today’s modern world.

This feature usually sends an SMS containing five or six-digit codes to the person’s mobile phone after the first step of logging into the device or account. In the next step, the user must copy this sent code and enter it on the relevant application page or website to complete the authentication.

Despite all the merits of this authentication system, their accumulation among the user’s incoming messages can make this page crowded and make it difficult to find essential notes.

iOS 17 has been able to fix the problem by providing the ability to delete authentication-related SMS after they expire automatically!

Apple has done this by flagging authentication and identification messages, A task that does not seem to be a problem for Google!

Google’s default Messages application currently has advanced categorization capabilities and can place incoming messages in different categories such as personal, office, etc.

Based on this, Mountain View can identify and categorize two-step authentication messages and delete them after expiration.

NameDrop feature


In iOS 17, When two iPhones are placed next to each other, an airdrop process is automatically started, and information or documents related to the owners of each phone are transferred to the other.

The NameDrop feature in iOS 17 will definitely annoy die-hard Android fans; Because this function previously existed under the name of Android Beam in some way in the Android operating system, but in 2019, Google removed this feature from Android Q.

Of course, the game is not over for Google, and this company can add a feature similar to NameDrop to the following operating system versions with the right decision.

Google can even use newer technologies such as Wi-Fi Direct or UWB and use them to revive Android Beam and add more practical features to it.

Of course, Google generally needs a better record of reviving technologies that have stopped using them! Nevertheless, the possible acceptance of NameDrop by iPhone users can be a push to use a similar feature in the future of the most popular operating system in the world!

FaceTime on Apple TV

Since the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010, FaceTime has become the gold standard for video calling applications.

In the past years, Apple has increased its popularity by adding attractive and practical features to FaceTime every year, and on the other hand, Google has tried various applications, including Hangouts, Duo, Meet, and others, with absolute unplannedness!

At the same time, the new feature that Apple added in FaceTime to iOS 17 is undoubtedly the request of many users worldwide and is considered one of the leading candidates for use in Google’s operating system.

FaceTime on Apple TV allows iPhone users to use their phone as a webcam and transfer their video call to a larger device through Apple TV.

This feature is handy for people who extensively use FaceTime to contact their family members; Because there will be no need to hold the phone during conversations.

Of course, Android users can benefit from a similar feature on their phones by using Chrome Cast or Screen mirroring. Still, based on observations, this usually leads to a sharp drop in image quality and many delays in the call.

On the other hand, users of Samsung Galaxy phones can get a little closer to FaceTime on Apple TV by connecting their phones to Samsung DeX; But what Apple has promised will be more stable and perform better.

Stand By

Another new feature of iOS 17 that may be familiar to Android users is the standby feature.

With the help of this feature, Apple has tried to provide the user with everything he needs when he is not using the iPhone by displaying general information such as the weather, time, business appointments recorded on the calendar, and many useful gadgets.

This feature is more similar to the Smart Home system in new Android products, and with the help of the always-on display (AOD) feature in new iPhones, it has taken on a new color.

Apple has decided to use the StandBy feature to highlight some iPhone accessories and encourage users to buy them.

Android introduced a similar feature called Daydream in 2012 with Jellybean Android, which displays some basic information on the screen when the phone is not in use and when the phone is connected to the charger.

However, the Daydream feature was removed from Android a few years later.

Apple, of course, has a brilliant history of using features that were used in Android long ago and were abandoned. These features are usually trendy in iPhones for two reasons.

First, unlike Google, Apple does not leave its capabilities and products half-finished and only stops once it is presented to users in the best way. In addition, this Cupertino company’s extraordinary marketing and advertising capabilities make these features well-established among users and very popular.

Automatic filling of two-step authentication forms from email

In iOS 17, Apple has successfully integrated the automated filling system of two-step authentication forms with the iPhone email application; So that when users receive an authentication code via email, they no longer need to copy the code from the email and enter it manually.

This handy feature, widely used for the SMS service of smartphones, can significantly increase the speed of working with the iPhone and free users from switching between different applications to enter the code.

It is relatively easy for Google to do something similar and connect the authentication system with the Gmail application.

As mentioned earlier, Gmail is one of the most advanced email services in categorizing different information, and it can quickly identify authentication emails and enter the information in them into other applications.

It should be noted that authentication emails generally have the same language. Therefore, if it is possible to copy SMS information and enter it into applications automatically, we expect it will not be challenging to do this in Gmail.

Malicious content warning

Since ancient times, Apple has given great importance to the age classification of its users. For this reason, this company is one of the leaders in dealing with sensitive or immoral content and showing them to inappropriate age groups.

Apple fans must remember that Apple forced Tumblr service to delete its immoral content some time ago and was praised by many people for this.

This feature is considered so helpful and practical that it will become one of the most critical demands of Android users from Google very soon.

In this way, users of different age groups will no longer accidentally see inappropriate or immoral content and will have a more comfortable online search.

Of course, this feature will be most welcomed by parents who are always worried about their children accessing inappropriate content on the Internet.

Automatically import information from PDF files

Editing PDF files is one of the most challenging and exhausting tasks we have faced at some point!

PDF files are neither textual content nor images! For this reason, they do not present the capabilities of any of them wholly and accurately, and filling out the forms in this format is a challenging and exhausting task.

These conditions will be more complicated than before on the touch and small screen of mobile phones; Because adjusting the jumbled boxes of these files with a finger is much more complex than when we use a mouse!

In this context, one of the most valuable features of iOS 17 is the ability to fill PDF forms, just like in browsers automatically.

This way, you can enter information such as your name, address, phone number, and other fixed data in the forms with a simple tap on the conditions.

Naturally, adding such a feature to Android can be very practical and helpful and will be greatly welcomed by users. Therefore, it is expected that Google will add this feature to the Android code in the following versions of Google so that filling PDF forms in this operating system is as easy as in iOS.

Professional editing and note-taking in the Notes application

The Notes application in iOS 17 has new and attractive features that allow users to highlight PDF files, underline essential parts of the text, and make other edits.

Also, in the audio where a note has been shared, these changes and edits can be done in full real-time on a file.

Of course, this feature is available to iPadOS users in a much more professional way, and the use of Apple Pencil plays a very prominent role in this field.

In terms of managing notes, Google is miles behind Apple! Google Keep, the main Google application for keeping and organizing notes, looks very simple and basic compared to the Notes application and needs many of its key uses.

On the other hand, other popular applications such as Evernote, which allow users to manage notes and notes professionally, also generally offer most of their more professional features in the premium version.

Therefore, properly upgrading the main note-taking application in Android is one of the most important things expected from the following operating system versions.

As shown above, thanks to the unveiling of iOS 17, iPhone owners can access new and exciting features on their phones that Android users cannot use.

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