phone theft

Every six minutes, a mobile phone is stolen in this city

Almost all of us know someone whose phone has been stolen, and this case shows the alarming statistics of phone theft.
These days, due to the high price of mobile phones and economic conditions, many users are more worried than ever when using their phones outside the home. In many parts of the world, the theft of these gadgets has become one of the biggest problems for people.

Two hundred fifty mobile phones are stolen daily in this city!

A recent report by the BBC shows that nearly 250 mobile phones are stolen daily in London, which means, on average, a Londoner’s phone is stolen every six minutes. The mayor of London believes that the solution to prevent the theft of mobile phones is the development of a suitable solution by the phone manufacturing companies so that the process of phone theft becomes more complex and, as a result, the statistics decrease.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, suggested in a letter to the software developers to develop solutions that will increase the risk of theft and reduce the amount of thieves’ income from phone theft. He also called for smartphone manufacturers to cooperate with police forces to make finding stolen phones easier. It is noteworthy that about 38% of personal thefts that happen in the city of London are related to smartphones.

The advice of the mayor of London is not so stupid!

At first glance, the words of the mayor of the capital of England may seem like cheating on the responsibility of protecting citizens. Still, smartphone manufacturers can use methods to reduce the profit from stolen phones significantly. For example, car manufacturers increased the risk of theft for thieves by designing advanced tracking systems, and now the number of car thefts in developed countries is much lower than in the past.

One of London’s problems is the black market that has sprung up for stolen phones. These phones can be re-registered and sold, dramatically increasing this market’s profit. The noteworthy point is that even if the phone is not sold to other users, thieves can profit by selling parts, and there is no easy solution to the problem of stolen phones.

phone theft
Many phone thieves refrain from forcing and waiting for users to use their phones on the street.

Mobile phone manufacturers have made many efforts in recent years, but these efforts have yet to bring significant results. For example, almost all smartphones are equipped with tracking systems, but the prerequisites for their use are internet connection, GPS, etc. However, some companies like Samsung have made it easier for users to track their phones, but thieves still steal users’ phones worth several hundred dollars.

British teenagers are the prey of thieves!

The information released by the London police shows that a large part of the victims of these robberies are teenagers who can’t take care of their smartphones even on the street. According to this information, teenagers and young people between the ages of 14 and 20 make up many of the victims of phone theft. On the other hand, many young people in London also go to steal phones.

In any case, the mayor of London and the security forces of this city are trying to find a suitable solution to prevent the theft of mobile phones. These efforts could eventually lead to the development of solutions by smartphone manufacturers that reduce the risk of mobile robbery worldwide.

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